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Your spring break packing list - skincare edition
aka how to make sure your glow stays bright, even with lack of sleep, partying and unforgiving weather (or whatever else you do on spring break).


The struggle is real: You want to make sure your skin looks its best while you’re on vacay, but you don’t want to bring a skincare routine that’s so complicated it needs its own separate suitcase. Luckily, there’s a thing called travel-size skincare (more specifically, travel-size skincare sets) that makes packing wayyyy easier.



Get your #OleGlow on


You want to look goooood on spring break (and we don’t blame you). Whether you’re going for a “no makeup” vibe or a full-face look on spring break, Pre-Makeup Babies™ Skincare Prep Set brings the Ole Glow® to create the ultimate canvas for makeup. Think smooth, glowing skin all week long.



No filter? No problem


It’s a fact of life—when you go on spring break, you take pictures (the ‘gram might be the reason you chose where to go). And, to keep your complexion ready for all those candid-but-not-totally-candid shots, reach for C Your Best Selfie™ Brightening Moisturizer and Eye Crème Set. Pairing our best eye cream for dark circles and our best moisturizer for makeup, your skin glows and stays hydrated.



Sorry, shine. You’re not invited


Need a daily skincare routine for oily skin? Balance It All™ Mattifying Oil Control Set features our oil controlling faves, all in one super simple, carry on-friendly set. With a face cleanser, a face toner and a face moisturizer, this skincare routine helps fight shine, purify and reduce the look of pores.



All systems glow


If you’re the type of person who’s Googling “what should my skincare routine be” and low-key freaking out about it, we got you. Make life simpler for yourself and pick up Let's Get Luminous™ Brightening Vitamin C Essentials Set. This skincare routine, featuring three glowing essentials, reveals skin true luminosity: It brightens, hydrates, firms and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.



What are your spring break plans? How do you keep your skin in selfie-ready shape?
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