Depending on the season, your skin may need special care. If it’s hot and humid, the environment provides your skin with plenty of hydration. The opposite is in the case of cold and dry weather where your skin is desperately in need of additional moisture. Follow these tips to keep your skin looking fabulous all year long.

  • Use the same crème year round. This may be contrary to what you usually hear, but if you have a crème that works for you, there’s no need to buy more than one for different seasons. It’s all in the application. In the hot, humid summer months, use your crème more sparingly. In the cold, dry winter months, use a generous helping of your crème. In either environment, your skin should be soft and supple to the touch.
  • Mask your imperfections. One of the most special treats you can give to your skin is a facial mask. In the summer, we tend to perspire more and may be more prone to blemishes. Keep your skin clear and rid skin of impurities with our blemish attack mask two to three times a week. In the winter, use our hydrating blue/black berry enzyme mask or make your own mask out of plain honey to soothe dry skin and reduce redness.
  • Don’t neglect your body. Our bodies often take the brunt of environmental changes because we forget to take the proper steps to protect it. In the summer months we burn it over long hours under the sun and in the winter we let it dry out under layers of sweaters, coats and scarves. No matter what time of year, our bodies always need a little tender loving care. Treat your body to a soothing and hydrating formulation like our body sleek year round. Prevent the itchy, dry feeling you get under your clothes from indoor heating during the winter months by using a body oil like our lavender body oil and a hydrating moisturizer like our body sleek.