Every man wants a close and smooth shave, but that’s not always so simple to achieve. When we rush the process, the result is often cuts, ingrown hairs and uneven stubble. If you take the time to follow the right steps and integrate products that work, you’ll find that a perfect shave is possible to attain. To get the very best shave and keep your skin looking and feeling great, follow these tips.

  • Protect your skin against ingrown hairs. Make ingrown hairs an issue of the past with our roll on blemish attack. Roll it onto the areas that are prone to ingrown hairs at night to encourage them to come to the surface more quickly. Mist your face with pick me up face tonic and go on with your routine from there. For added results, use walnut scrub two to three times a week to dislodge ingrown hairs. To remove them, use a magnifying mirror and very sharp tweezer and grab the hair at the base.
  • Prep your skin. The key is to warm up and precondition the beard before you begin your shave. To do so, drench a terry cloth in warm water and lay it across your face a couple of times to open up the pores and soften the skin. Next, massage clean shave gel across the face evenly and your skin is ready for the blade.
  • Pay attention and take your time. Our clean shave gel is clear for a reason, it gives you the ability to see where you are going and be sure you are going in the direction that the beard grows. Not only will this limit irritation, but it will also help you get the closest shave possible. Keep the skin taught while gliding across the face and always be sure to clean the blade as you go.