Beautiful hair begins with proper care. To keep your hair looking healthy and feeling soft, you need to take the time to give your locks some attention. The key culprit of frizzy or coarse hair is a cuticle that does not lay flat. From the second we step into the shower, to the moment we dry and style the hair, it’s important to treat your hair with the following tips in mind.

  • Don’t be afraid of conditioners. Most people do not use enough conditioner, fearing that it will make their hair look oily or less voluminous. While you can over condition hair, a dime-sized amount will keep your hair soft and smooth without weighing it down. Think of conditioned hair like a blade of grass that can bend and move with grace and beauty, whereas a piece of straw will break and become rough to the touch. It’s also important to make sure that you have a quality conditioner that hydrates and gives the hair a healthy shine. To apply conditioner the right way, apply to the middle of the strand down and rinse with cool water. Cool water closes the cuticle, allowing it to shine and reflect light.
  • Take it easy on the torches. Blow dryers and flat irons can be your hair’s worst nightmare if used incorrectly, but if you’re careful; you can achieve a style that is full of volume and shine. To get smooth hair, always blow down the strand rather than up to avoid lifting the cuticle. Be careful not to hold the drier too close to the hair. If you have highly chemically treated hair, find a thermal spray that creates a barrier between your hair and the dryer. If you are going to straighten your hair, try not to do it on a daily basis and use a porcelain or ionic flat iron rather than a metal one because they are healthier and less dehydrating on the hair.
  • Bonus tip: If you’re planning to take a swim in a chlorine pool, wet your hair in the shower first and slather conditioner through hair, then wrap hair into a ball and put a swim cap on to condition while you swim.