Conceptualizing and developing products has always been my favorite hobby. For many years the most popular products at my spa were custom blended by me in small batches. I don’t follow trends when I develop new products, instead concepts come to me that serve a specific and important purpose in the matters of skin care. Many products have evolved from my treatment room, working so intimately with the skin as I have over the years. Sometimes I develop a treatment before a product around a particular ingredient that has piqued my interest, as was the case with African red tea, which led to the creation of the highly popular african red tea body cocktail treatment and the entire african red tea age defense collection. If results are positive in the treatment room with a new exotic extract, what follows is a new product that best utilizes the properties found in the extract. The performance of the product, how it interacts with the skin and renders results is top priority when I develop a new formulation. I am constantly searching for new exotic and effectual ingredients to add to our expansive portfolio of soothing, hydrating, retexturizing and renewing ingredients. Now let me share with you some of my favorite ingredients and what they will do for your skin.

Ingredient Description
African red tea (aspalathus linearis leaf extract) contains 50 times more antioxidants than green tea and trace minerals from iron, zinc, calcium, copper, magnesium and potassium, plus cell-proliferating fruit acids
Algae extract firms, hydrates, calms and soothes
Algisium C lifts and firms
Aloe vera contains naturally healing steroids to reduce inflammation
Alpha lipoic acid antioxidant, reduces inflammation
Avocado oil rich in essential fatty acids, calms, nourishes and improves texture
Bamboo stem powder exfoliates the skin
Benzoyl peroxide reduces inflammation and disinfects
Borage seed oil conditions and protects
Blueberries and blackberries antioxidant with cell proliferating benefits
Chamomile and sandalwood extract calms and soothes
Cucumber extract reduces puffiness around the eyes and has a cooling effect
Ester C extract strengthens the skin’s collagen and capillary walls and evens out skin tone
Eucalyptus essential oil purifies and disinfects
Eyebright extract reduces inflammation
Glycerin humectant, locks in moisture
Glycolic and lactic acids improves texture, tightens pores, fights blemishes and firms
Grapeseed oil antioxidant, hydrates the skin
Green tea antioxidant, calms and soothes
Honey antibacterial, hydrates and soothes
Jojoba seed oil emollient, improves texture
Lavender oil reduces inflammation and wrinkle formation
Lemon peel oil improves texture, lightens and brightens
Licorice root extract lightens and brightens
Macadamia nut oil emollient, calms and soothes
Oat kernel extract controls excessive oil flow, exfoliates, calms and soothes
Orange and grapefruit extracts stimulates the skin cell turnover rate
Pea extract lightens and brightens
Pumpkin seed extract firms and tones
Rosehip extract high concentration of vitamin C, promotes collagen synthesis
Sea salt deeply cleanses and exfoliates
Shea butter nourishes and comforts
Sodium ascorbyl phosphate and calcium ascorbate high concentration of vitamin C, strengthen capillaries and collagen in the skin
Sodium hyaluronate humectant, locks in moisture without feeling greasy
Sugar cane extract, maple sugar extract, orange fruit extract, lemon fruit extract stimulate skin cell turnover rate, tightens pores, improves texture and firms
Super oxide dismutase antioxidant, repairs and heals skin
Tangerine extract oxygenates the skin
Tea tree oil antiseptic, cleanses and purifies
Tumeric root extract repairs damaged skin
Vitamin A antioxidant, repairs damaged skin
Vitamin E antioxidant, protects against environmental damage