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Dear Visitor,

After years of sharing my advice with top beauty editors, celebrities and clients at my Hollywood spa, I am excited to share all of my beauty and wellness secrets with you. My many years of treating skin have enabled me to find solutions to every major skin concern. I have personally formulated each product in my line to deliver maximum results to your skin. It has always been my aim to help every client become his or her own skin expert and now you can! I am eager to share the many creative ways to use my products for optimal results and even how to make your own products at home. The personalized skin analysis I have created for you will make you more intimately familiarized with your complexion than ever before. As you become your own skincare expert I know you will find it exciting to learn about new product launches, spa treatments and much more.

Here’s a toast to your natural beauty!

All my best,
Ole Henriksen

Ole's Story

Ole's Philosophy

It was my encounter with acne as a young man that became the catalyst for my career in skin care. At the time I resided in Jakarta, Indonesia where I worked as a show dancer and model. Lagita, a local esthetician, put me under her healing touch and cleared up my complexion with her natural treatments. As a result, my lifelong fascination with skin care began, having witnessed for myself the transformational powers of skin when treated correctly. Shortly afterwards I enrolled at the Christine Shaw Beauty College in London where I studied cosmetic chemistry, anatomy, face and body care, electrolysis, and stage and fashion makeup. Upon graduation, I worked for Helena Rubinstein as a member of their educational team in London.

In 1974, I stepped back into the treatment room at Fabulous Faces in San Francisco, where I specialized in acne treatments and chemical peels. In 1975, I opened Ole Henriksen of Denmark Skin Care Center in Beverly Hills. My innovative complexion treatments, state of the art equipment and natural skin care formulations quickly became the talk of the town. Overnight I became a media darling with a jam-packed appointment book. In the treatment room, my focus was on three things: treating every client like a VIP, educating them on all aspects of skin care, and performing treatments that showed visible results.

The passion I have for my profession made it easy early on in my career to step into the role of motivational speaker and television personality when these opportunities presented themselves. For many decades I acted as my own publicist and never let a chance for PR pass me by. In order to stay relevant in the media I always think of new and exciting ways to present my expertise in skin care, beauty, nutrition and fitness. Shortly before the publication of my first book, Ole Henriksen’s Seven Day Skin Care Program (Macmillan, 1986), I introduced my first products – Avocado Facial Cleanser, Cucumber Facial Toner and Herbal Day Crème. Next I established a mail order business for the products and a quarterly newsletter where I shared my expert advice and featured some of my celebrity client’s beauty routines in a weekly column.

In 1981, I moved my skin care center to a larger facility on the exclusive part of Sunset Boulevard called Sunset Plaza and by 1998 I knew it was time to reinvent the whole Ole Henriksen concept. OLEHENRIKSEN Face/Body opened across the street from my old location shortly thereafter, along with a new logo and colorful packaging. The media and our clients were blown away with my new treatments, especially the tightly choreographed wet room treatments and hot new packaging. A slew of new celebrities, with more male stars in the equation, became Ole Henriksen fans. Television shows lined up to do segments from the spa and I became the first spa on the west coast to introduce micro-dermabrasions.

Business was booming and my creative juices were flowing. Product development was put into high gear, and more distribution channels lined up for my brand. I worked around the clock and loved every minute of it. Today, I still spend my time in the spa treating clients and developing new products for my ever-expanding skin care line.

Ole's Philosophy

At OLEHENRIKSEN, we are dedicated to creating products that deliver results, enabling your skin to be the very best it can be. Our products are formulated with some of nature’s most effectual botanicals that allow every customer to experience a transformation from head to toe. We believe in being celebratory of life and maintaining a continued commitment to health and wellness. These six principles form the core of Ole’s skincare system.

dedication Being faithful with your skin care routine is the best investment you can make for the future of your skin.

stimulation Immersing your skin with invigorating water, uplifting cleansers, tonics and scrubs will stimulate your skin, resulting in a clean, glowing complexion with refined-looking pores.

hydration Hydrate your skin by using a series of light, medium and rich textured crèmes packed with nature’s most potent ingredients. Your newfound baby soft skin will take on a luminous glow, while also being protected against environmental damage.

age defense Results from faithful use of Ole’s state of the art formulations that put your skin’s renewal cycle into high gear, giving you firmer, smoother, tighter and even pigmented skin.

pampering Indulge your skin with the luxurious textures and aromas that are the signature of my products.

cruelty-free Our approach to beauty is strictly pure, natural and cruelty-free. Animals, like humans, are to be loved, not tortured.