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Dreaming of a relaxing Scandinavian getaway, but stuck at home? Don’t let your FOMO get you down.


Scandinavia’s vibrant cities and lush landscapes might be the perfect setting for a spa-cation, but you can still get relaxing, Insta-worthy #SpaVibes in the comfort of your own home.

Ready to treat yourself to the Scandinavian staycation you deserve? Here’s how we like to unwind and recharge:



Warm up to smoother and refined pores with Pore-Balance™ Facial Sauna Scrub. In Scandinavia, saunas are a place of both physical and mental relaxation, believed to improve circulation and detoxify. A cycle begins with a hot sauna session, followed by a plunge into a nearby lake, sea or swimming pool to cool down. Pore-Balance™ Facial Sauna Scrub is inspired by that sauna cycle. With Icelandic volcanic sand, this facial exfoliator warms on contact, then cools as you massage away dirt, oil and any rough skin.
If you’re wondering, “how often should I exfoliate my face?” we recommend 2-3 times per week.




Speaking of the Scandinavian sauna cycle, Cold Plunge™ Pore Mask covers, as you would imagine, the cold plunge step. This cooling clay mask, with snow lotus and alpine willowherb extracts, provides mattifying oil control for up to 8 hours, detoxifies and reduces the look of pores. Plus, the exhilarating chill leaves your skin feeling refreshed, and the glacier-blue color practically begs for a selfie.



When you’re done relaxing with Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub and Cold Plunge Pore Mask, keep the Scandinavian spa vibes going with Postmates. Order some yummy pastries from your local Danish bakery (we recommend “kanelsnegl,” it’s delish!) to be delivered right to your door.



What are your #SpaVibes essentials? Show us your #OleGlow @olehenriksen!