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So you’re starting a new skincare routine. With all the options out there—and new products launching every day—finding the best skincare essentials for your complexion seems like an impossible task. But don’t worry, we’re here to make things simple, so you can find a streamlined skincare routine that’s as effective as it is a joy to use.


Step 1: Don’t panic
Before frantically Googling “what should my skincare routine be” and becoming overwhelmed, think about what your biggest skincare concerns are, and the benefits you want from your daily regimen. Are you looking for skincare for oily skin? The best skincare products for aging skin? Or maybe you want skincare for sensitive skin. No matter your concern, we have something you’ll love.

Step 2: Choose a cleanser
Starting clean is key to getting the #OleGlow. And, let’s be honest, there’s nothing more refreshing or satisfying than washing the day (and dirt, oil and makeup) away. Now that you’ve figured out your skin concerns, here are some facial cleansers you might be into:


Oily skin


Find Your Balance™ Oil Control Cleanser: This mattifying oil control cleanser purifies and reduces the look of pores—without stripping skin.



Normal skin

Truth Juice™ Daily Cleanser: This everyday facial cleanser has a plush gel crème texture and removes dirt, oil and longwear eye makeup in one simple step—without stripping skin.



Step 3: Pick a moisturizer
Hydrated skin is happy skin. Every skin type—even oily skin—needs moisture to function properly, and the key is to find the right formula for your skin type.


Oily skin


Cold Plunge™ Pore Remedy Moisturizer: This facial moisturizer hydrates, controls surface oil, reduces the appearance of pores and mattifies




C-Rush™ Brightening Gel Crème: This lightweight gel crème instantly brightens, firms and targets fine lines and wrinkles.



C-Rush Brightening Double Crème: This ultra-plush brightening crème was made for days when extra thirsty skin craves deep hydration.




Goodnight Glow™ Retin-ALT Sleeping Crème: This rich sleeping crème deeply hydrates and target fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.




Sheer Transformation® Perfecting Moisturizer: This whipped, silky crème evens skin tone, smoothes texture and improves the look of dark spots, for weightless hydration and luminous perfection.



Step 4: Find a serum
This could be considered extra credit for skincare newbies, but if you really want to give your skin a boost, try a facial serum. Facial serums work with your cleanser and moisturizer to deliver additional skincare benefits. The best face serum strategy is to use one in the morning and one at night, so you’re tackling your skin concerns around the clock.




Truth Serum®: Our #1 bestselling and most-loved serum, this vitamin C serum for face brightens, firms and hydrates all day.



Banana Bright™ Vitamin C Serum:This powerful serum helps instantly brighten, firm, reduce the look of dark spots, pores and wrinkles and defend skin against pollution.



Glow Cycle™ Retin-ALT Power Serum: This groundbreaking age-defying serum, powered with AHAs and bakuchiol—a plant-based alternative to retinol— fights all major signs of aging.




Invigorating Night Transformation™ Gel: Redefine your beauty sleep: This retexturizing facial serum evens skin tone, smoothes texture and works overnight to visibly refine skin.



Step 5: Take a shortcut

You could make life simpler for yourself and pick up one of our must-have skincare sets. All of our sets are designed to simplify your skincare routine.

3 Little Wonders®
This must-have skincare set transforms your skin for a radiant and youthful-looking Ole Glow®.

3 Mega Wonders
This age-defying regimen—powered by vitamin C, PHAs, AHAs and antioxidants—targets visible signs of aging and transforms your complexion.

What are your skincare essentials?
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