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Say it with us: Hydrated skin is happy skin. When it comes to your skincare routine, a great moisturizer is an absolute must-have.

Every skin type—even oily skin—needs moisture to function properly, and the key is to find the right formula for your skin type. Using a moisturizer designed for your skin type helps hydrate skin and balance your natural oil production. Moisturizing can also help prep skin for flawless makeup application.

Now, you might be asking: “How often should I moisturize my face?” We suggest moisturizing daily—every morning and every night. The key to moisturizing is gently massaging your face moisturizer in an upward, circular motion (think of it as a mini face massage).


Ready to find your new everyday moisturizer? Meet our hydrating lineup:




Meet our favorite face moisturizer for oily skin: This lightweight, mattifying hydrator gives oily and combination skin types the essential moisture they crave. This innovative moisturizer is powered by Green Fusion Complex™, a proprietary blend of potent active botanicals, and rosehip fruit extract to help fight shine, reduce the look of pores, and even improve foundation wear for up to 8 hours. This facial moisturizer delivers just the right amount of hydration to keep skin matte with a healthy-looking glow.



This lightweight vitamin C moisturizer instantly brightens the complexion, firms and targets fine lines and wrinkles. But that’s not all: It keeps skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. Powered by three sources of vitamin C and Rose of Winter, it delivers a rush of brightness you can C. Plus, this face moisturizer smells delicious, so it’s like a little energizing pick-me-up every time you apply it.



Our ultra-plush vitamin C moisturizer was developed specifically for days when extra thirsty skin craves deep hydration. Powered by the same three high-potency sources of vitamin C and Rose of Winter extract as the original C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème, this indulgently rich face moisturizer glides on like silk to instantly illuminate and deliver an energizing burst of moisture. And, with shea butter and grape seed oil, it imparts a nourishing rush of brightness you can C.



At night, your skin goes into repair mode. This rich sleeping crème makes the most of that time, exfoliating the skin’s surface to allow fresher skin to glow through. Formulated with a powerful concentration of AHAs and bakuchiol—a plant-based alternative to retinol—it fights all visible signs of aging for an overnight skin transformation. It targets fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots, and firms. And, with Edelweiss stem cell, a delicately beautiful and resilient flower that thrives in harsh conditions, this potent sleeping crème also helps firm and improve elasticity. Deeply hydrate with our overnight cream to face a new day with renewed skin—and a new Ole Glow®!



Transform the way you think about your moisturizer: This whipped, silky face moisturizer delivers weightless hydration and helps improve the look of dark spots and discoloration. Plus, this antioxidant moisturizer is formulated with multi-fruit acids, licorice and pea extracts to help gently even skin tone and smooth texture.



If your moisturizer hasn’t been working out (ha, get it?) and you feel like you’re losing glowtivation, we have just the trick: Strength Trainer Moisturizer. This ultra-moisturizing whipped gel crème is here to restore major bounce and resilience to your skin. Packed with ingredients that your skin barrier can’t get enough of—peptides, vegan collagen, ceramides and hyaluronic acid—it instantly doubles hydration and helps your skin retain moisture throughout the day.

What’s your favorite moisturizer?
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