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AKA how to make sure your glow stays bright, even with lack of sleep, partying and unforgiving weather


It’s official: Festival season is upon us—and with it, outrageous festival beauty and fashion looks that need to last through 24-hour partying and unforgiving weather. As we all know, looking your best begins with taking care of your skin, and no festival makeup look is complete without festival skincare. These favorites are the perfect way to start (and end!) any festival beauty routine, and if they can perform THIS well in the desert, imagine how they deliver in everyday situations.


We’re primed and ready to glow.


Our first recommendation is probably the most obvious: You need a makeup primer to keep your look on point all day. Enter Banana Bright Face Primer, where skincare and makeup come face to face. Not only does this vitamin C makeup primer improve and extend makeup wear, but it has skincare benefits, too. With vitamin C and banana powder-inspired pigments, this makeup primer instantly brightens and keeps you glowing from pregame to after party.



We always look on the bright side, obvs.


Banana Bright Eye Crème also works wonders, both as part of the makeup application process for your festival makeup and as post-makeup pampering. Out of the bunch (see what we did there), this is our best eye cream for dark circles. Like our makeup primer, this eye cream is inspired by makeup artist secret, ”banana powder,” and contains special pigments that instantly color correct dark circles. It’s also proven to improve concealer wear, so it works with your makeup, not against it. But, because we care about long-term benefits, too, it’s made with vitamin C and collagen, to help brighten, firm and target fine lines and wrinkles.



Thirsty skin? Ain’t nobody got time for that.


If you’re looking for our best moisturizer for makeup, your search is over. C-Rush™ Brightening Gel Crème brightens the complexion and creates a smooth canvas for foundation, but that’s not all. It keeps skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. Plus, this facial moisturizer smells delicious, so it’s like a little energizing pick-me-up every time you apply it.



Come thru drippin’


To freshen up on the go—while keeping your festival makeup intact—facial mists are the way to go. Fountain of Truth™ Facial Water and Pure Nurture™ Facial Water are festival skincare at its best: They’re refreshing, they’re hydrating and they make you feel just the right amount of extra as you spritz.



No need to jump through hoops to cleanse and remove makeup.


When it comes to removing your festival makeup, including longwear and waterproof makeup, Wonderfeel™ Double Cleanser is your go-to. This modernized cold cream is a makeup remover and facial cleanser in one gentle, indulgent step.



This is some good sheet.


Of course, if you’re exhausted after a long day of festival activities, you can always just reach for So Nurturing™ Cleansing Cloths to use as a makeup remover/facial cleanser/way to cool off. We won’t judge.



What are your go-to festival beauty picks? How do you keep your skin in selfie-ready shape?
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