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It’s claytime, aka time to talk about one of our favorite face mask ingredients: Clay.


Real talk: There’s nothing quite as satisfying as applying a clay face mask, especially when your skin feels like it needs a little extra love. When added to your skincare routine, clay face masks can help clarify, purify and detoxify your pores—leaving your skin feeling super refreshed.

Of course, there are lots of different types of clay. HydraClay (an innovative clay-oil fusion that draws out impurities while delivering essential hydration), kaolin clay (helps detoxify pores and draw out dirt, oil and impurities), pink bentonite clay (helps clarify and renew)—you name it, we’ve got it in a face mask.


Ready to find your refined, healthy-looking glow? Meet your new must-have clay face masks:


Are you ready to take the plunge for smaller-looking pores?


In Scandinavia, saunas are a place of both physical and mental relaxation, believed to improve circulation and detoxify. A cycle begins with a hot sauna session, followed by a plunge into a nearby lake, sea or swimming pool to cool down. Cold Plunge™ Pore Mask is inspired by that cold plunge step. This cooling clay face mask, made with kaolin and bentonite clay, as well as snow lotus and alpine willowherb extracts, provides mattifying oil control for up to 8 hours, detoxifies and reduces the look of pores. Plus, the exhilarating chill leaves your skin feeling refreshed, and the glacier-blue color practically begs for a selfie.



Unmask illuminated, no-filter-necessary skin in just 15 mins


Get flawless skin in a flash (seriously, just 15 minutes!) with PHAT Glow Facial™, the no-downtime, massage-activated at-home facial. Whether your plans involve a few mixed drinks and an impromptu dance party with your besties or a glass of red wine and the couch, this innovative face mask, powered by PHAs (polyhydroxy acids) and pink bentonite clay, is the ultimate “get ready with me” prep step—it works like a facial to clarify and renew skin and instantly reveal a smoother, brighter, makeup-ready skin.



It’s HYGGE time


Hygge HydraClay™ Detox Mask, with its unique fusion of kaolin clay and 5 botanical oils, thoroughly purifies skin—all while replenishing essential moisture. Infused with soothing botanical extracts and bisabolol, this hydrating kaolin clay face mask was developed to help calm, so it’s gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin. But don’t be fooled—even as it comforts and helps reduce the look of redness, this hardworking hydrating clay mask draws out dirt, oil and impurities with a deep cleansing action.



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