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What is The Big OH! Duo?


The Big OH! Duo is a self-pleasure and body care kit made in collaboration with our favorite sexual wellness brand, Smile Makers. To celebrate the launch of Touch Body Care Collection, we set out to create a gender neutral, touch-focused bundle of goodies that inspires you to indulge your body fully—not just one part of it!

The Big OH! Duo features Beamcream Smoothing Body Moisturizer to get you feeling well cared for, ultra-touchable and good in your skin. The French Lover Vibrator was designed to empower full body exploration for all bodies. It was important to us to create a sexual wellness bundle that not only works for all bodies, but is inclusive of all sexualities too—whether you’re Asexual, Alosexual or anywhere in between!


What is Smile Makers?


Smile Makers is a sexual wellness brand dedicated to inspiring people to set their own standard for good sex with toy, tools and pleasure-positive education.


Why did OleHenriksen partner with Smile Makers?


OleHenriksen and Smile Makers believe that body autonomy, touch, sensorial experience and pleasure are an integral part of wellness. In the words of Smile Makers’ Brand Director, Cecile Gasnault:
"OleHenriksen and Smile Makers are kindred brands. We both operate in the wellness space, so it was a natural fit for us to do a partnership that celebrates the body for the launch of this gorgeous body cream.”



Why does The Big OH! Duo include The French Lover?


We love The French Lover Vibrator because it was designed for all bodies and can be used anywhere—the neck, nipples, inner thighs, arms, belly, back and so on! It mimics the shape of a tongue and made of body-safe and phthalate-free silicone that has been cryogenically polished for the smoothest possible touch. With four different speed settings and two pulse settings, The French Lover allows you to take pleasure into your own hands! Did we mention it’s 100% waterproof? Bring it in the shower or bath and use when your muscles are extra relaxed!


What are the benefits of an orgasm?


Our body is scattered with touch-sensitive nerves called C-tactile fibers. When gently stimulated, they send pleasure messages to our brain and trigger the release of oxytocin, increasing our feeling of relaxation, happiness and connectedness.

Sexuality is different for everyone, and for some, using a vibrator doesn’t have to mean being sexual. Orgasm doesn’t even have to be sexual. In fact, reaching the “big O” can provide excellent pain relief for people with chronic pain and help with stress relief. It also can increase circulation, help you sleep better and reduce anxiety.


Why does The Big OH! Duo include Beamcream Smoothing Body Moisturizer?


It’s all in the name, really! Beamcream Smoothing Body Moisturizer contains AHAs to help exfoliate and retexturize for oh-so smooth and touchable skin from head to toe. While it’s absolutely NOT meant to be used as a lubricant or on sensitive areas, we recommend using it on your arms, legs, derriere, torso and decolletage to get you feeling yourself and connected to your body!

You’re more likely to keep up with your self-care ritual when you look forward to the experience. To us, that means making “me time” a sensorial and enjoyable experience. Beamcream Smoothing Body Moisturizer’s uplifting, light, bright citrus scent and indulgent, whipped, meringue-like texture makes for an indulgence for all the senses.


Can I use BeamCream as a lubricant?


All OleHenriksen products are meant for external use only. Do not use BeamCream as lube.


What are the benefits of Beamcream?


This all-in-one exfoliator and replenishing moisturizer instantly doubles hydration and delivers smoother, brighter skin in 7 days (in an 8-week clinical study on 37 people). This AHA and caffeine-packed moisturizer also visibly diminishes skin discoloration (AKA dark spots) and targets fine lines and wrinkles.


Ready to make smooth moves and get in touch with your bod?