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You ask and Ole answers! How can I get rid of black heads?

A while back, Facebook Fan, Sarah asked:

Since we get questions about black heads often, I sat down with Ole to get his expert advice.

Jenn: “Where do black heads come from?

Ole: “During adolescence, it’s purely a hormonal issue, however, as adults, black heads and break outs are purely a dietary issue. A high intake of sugar and foods with no nutritional value will heighten oil production and cause oils to harden in your pores. The foods we eat fuel our body – and your skin is your body’s largest organ, functioning as an eliminatory and protective organ. When you eat well, you are not only investing in your health and well-being, but also in beautiful skin.”

Jenn: “So, Ole, how would you recommend treating black heads?


Quick Daily Defense: Add a small amount of walnut complexion scrub to your daily cleanser. Using your finger tips, scrub into the area where the black heads are. Do this every other night for the first week to help acclimate your skin to the scrub, then after one week’s time, you may do this every night until the black heads have vanished. You will see improvement after 1 week, with dramatic improvements in one month’s time.

Weekly Treatment: Fill your bathroom sink with warm water 1/3 of the way. Add 1 TSP of Eucalyptus essential oil (you can find this at a store like Whole Foods) and mix thoroughly with a spoon. Drench a wash cloth in the water, ring it out and press it firmly in on your face for 30 seconds at a time. Re-dip the wash cloth and repeat 5-8 times. This revs up oxygenation and blood flow in the tissue, softens the skin, and sebum (oil) that is lodged and trapped into the pores. Follow this treatment with an exfoliant like the walnut complexion scrub.

Extra-Special Finishing Touch: It is important to follow with a firming mask 2-3X times per week like our firm action mask or blemish attack mask after your scrub or special treatment. These masks will tighten your clean pores and minimize the possibility of sebum being trapped under the skin’s surface.

Insider Tips:

  • Take a ¼ TSP of sesame oil and rub between damp hands to massage into your face. The sesame oil will keep the sebum (oil) from hardening in your pores. You can add the sesame oil to your walnut complexion scrub to break up the sebum and achieve a deeper clean.
  • The invigorating night gel is a great addition for treating black heads because it contains naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). AHAs stimulate cell turnover rate, which means that all of the dead skin cells are removed and sebum (oil) that is trapped in the skin can be dislodged more easily.

So there you have it – insider tricks from Ole on black heads! What are some of your top skin care concerns?

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