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Winter Proof Your Skin!

The winter months can really wreak havoc on your skin. Some of the most uncomfortable, dry, cracked and red skin of the year comes when it’s cold – and nobody likes to deal with difficult skin – ugh!

A typical cold weather problem is flaky or dehydrated skin and my two favorite OLEHENRIKSEN products combat this issue.

I apply the blue/black berry enzyme mask 3X per week to gently remove dead skin without causing breakouts. This mask’s key ingredients blue/blackberry extract helps with oxygenating, smoothing and refining the skin’s texture. It also contains papaya enzyme, which gets rid of those dead skin cells, hyaluronic acid which powerfully binds moisture to the skin and lavender extract which acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Another favorite treatment of mine is the black currant complexion oil which I use underneath my moisturizer to repair and calm the skin. This special treatment contains apricot kernel oil to protect your skin from capillary damage, black currant oil which protects the skin from the harsh weather conditions and a mixture of cypress, geranium and lemon extracts to help purify, oxygenate and tone the skin.

As someone who has struggled with cystic acne, I can say that these are the two main products that have helped restore my skin back to its natural, healthy glow. What are some of your winter skincare concerns? We’ll be sharing more tips and tricks with you as the weather gets colder – stay tuned!

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