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What You & Your Skin can Workout: How exercise gives you beautiful skin

Overall health and well being are my absolute best anti-aging secrets! Exercise and stretching are great ways to boost circulation and thereby strengthening skin’s elasticity and brightening the complexion. Physical activity and a nutritious diet are crucial for a healthy life, here’s why:

  • Sweat rids your body of toxins that can cause breakouts.
  • Increases blood flow, carrying oxygen + nutrients to the skin.
  • Increase circulation to prevent dull skin.
  • Reduce stress, which can cause us to reach for oily, salty foods + lose beauty sleep.

A Peek into My Routine

I have been bursting with energy ever since I was a young boy and even at the age of 61, I like to incorporate exercise into my routine. Being active is a big part of my day, whether it’s walking, hiking, passionate dancing, hula hooping or gymnastics. Stretching is vital because it is a great way to stay limber while increasing oxygen flow throughout the body to maintain healthy circulation- and also a great way to make sure you do not pull a muscle during vigorous workouts.

Check out this video of me hula hooping in the warehouse!

To lead a healthy balanced lifestyle, it’s important to not only watch what we put in and on our bodies but also what we put out. Exercise and stretching are a great way to release sweat and energy that will benefit your heart, muscle tone, and also your skin.Not only will you look great, but feel great too and as I always say, “A happy face is a beautiful face!”

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