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Weatherproof your skin for the winter season!

The holiday season is upon us and that means that cold and freezing weather conditions are coming our way. Freezing temperatures and indoor heating are what causes our skin to get dry and result in broken capillaries during the winter. Taking the right steps toward “weatherproofing” your skin can make all the difference – and we do want to look our best, especially around the holidays! When I say “weatherproofing” your skin, I mean changing up your skincare routine from season to season. Just like you change up your clothes it is as important to change up your skincare routine from fall to winter if you want to protect your skin.

There are 3 things you want to make sure you have in your medicine cabinet during the winter.

1. Winter treatment                                   2.  Winter moisturizing crème                                        3. Exfoliant

The black currant complexion oil is a great example of a winter treatment which will give your skin the ultimate protection it needs from environmental aggressors and prevent your skin from loosing moisture. Plus it works wonders as a makeup primer!

black currant complexion oil benefits
Ingredient Black Currant Oil Vitamin E Apricot kernel oil

Contains nature’s highest   concentration of linolenic acids, provides skin with environmental protection and helps skin maintain resiliency

Powerful antioxidant that prevents and repairs environmental damage Soothes and comforts your skin while protecting capillary walls from cold weather damage

Skin insulator is a great winter moisturizing crème and can be your skin’s best friend during the cold winter months as it will cushion and comfort your skin against environmental damage while preventing capillary damage.

skin insulator SPF 15
Ingredient Borage Seed Oil Grapeseed Oil SPF 15
Benefits Reduces skin irritation and dryness with gamma linolenic acid and prevents water loss Contains vitamins and extremely powerful antioxidants that will nourish the skin The perfect amount of sun protection your skin needs when running your daily errands

The third must have winter product is an exfoliant like the walnut complexion scrub. As I mentioned before your skin will get drier during the cold months, which creates a thicker layer of dead skin cells. If dead skin cells aren’t properly exfoliated, they will build up and give your skin that dull look, and we don’t want that! This exfoliator works great with all skin types and will reveal a more luminous complexion just in time for the holidays.

walnut complexion scrub
Ingredient Walnut Powder Chamomile Korean Ginseng
Benefits Mildly abrasive and aids in cell renewal Calms, softens and soothes the skin Increases cellular energy and stimulates microcirculation

Instead of dealing with dry, flaky and sensitive skin this winter, enjoy luminous, glowing skin like you deserve by simply adding one if not all of these steps to your skincare regimen. How are you planning on “weatherproofing” your skin this fall?

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