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Update Your Beauty Routine with Eye Lash Extensions

With my new lash extensions from OLEHENRIKSEN FACE/BODY SPA’s new and fully stocked Lash Bar I cut my make-up routine in half. Gone are the days I have to curl and apply coat after coat of mascara and eye-liner to try and make my short, straight eyelashes pop, and I couldn’t be happier.

I was able to achieve my fun and flirty new summer look after a visit with Christine Reed, a genius “lashtician” who has been giving women fuller, longer lashes for the past six years.

My visit began with a consultation so Christine could determine what style would fit with my existing lashes and face for the perfect result. I chose to go with a versatile, natural mink look that I can wear at the office or to a party. After that, I was whisked away to the treatment room where she placed collagen boosting pads below my eyes to nourish and firm while she skillfully applied countless individual lashes to me.

For the safest and optimal results, the OLEHENRIKSEN Lash Bar only applies individual lashes directly to the natural lash, not the lid. This ensures that the derma and root of the lash do not become damaged when lashes fall out so your natural lashes can continue to grow beautifully.

When I re-opened my eyes about an hour later I was amazed to see how much extra dimension the new lashes added to the look of my whole face. Now with summer around the corner I can go to the beach or pool with confidence knowing I don’t have to worry around water ruining my mascara.

“My favorite thing is seeing happy women,” said Reed. “It really makes you feel beautiful.”

The OLEHENRIKSEN Lash Bar offers a variety of faux lash options that last up to 3-4 weeks*:

  • Silk Synthetic Lashes – Lighter and softer than traditional lashes.  Holds curl beautifully
  • Eye Lites – Reflective, colored lashes that accentuate the beauty of your natural eye color
  • Mink Lashes – 100% cruelty free, hypo-allergenic and no added chemicals or dyes for the most full and natural look

*Complimentary refills are available for first time customers.

Have questions about lash extensions or want a free lash consultation? Call the OLEHENRIKSEN FACE/BODY SPA at 310-854-7700.

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