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the TRUTH behind Vitamin C!

Let’s talk Vitamin C – the main ingredient found in our truth range!

When Ole researched Vitamin C in the late 1970’s, he became inspired by the dramatic results it produced for the skin. He later went on to produce the very first Vitamin C treatment.

The truth serum® collagen booster, contains 5 potent sources of Vitamin C and is our #1 selling product.

There are FOUR main skin benefits of Vitamin C:

  1. It boosts collagen! Collagen is responsible for how supple and firm, and youthful our skin appears, and Vitamin C is needed for its production.
  2. It protects the skin from free radical damage! Vitamin C is a superior antioxidant and an extraordinary detoxifier known to neutralize oxidative stress on your skin and organs.
  3. It brightens and evens skin tone! Vitamin C acts as a booster to our body’s most prevalent antioxidant: Glutathione (responsible for balancing our skin’s pigment levels).
  4. It strengthens capillary walls! Vitamin C maintains capillary (blood vessel) integrity through the production of a compound found in our cells, which is responsible for strong tissue growth.

Vitamin C is without a doubt the most potent antioxidant with incredible internal and external health benefits. When taken internally (supplements, or foods like dark leafy greens and berries), it works to strengthen connective tissue from the inside-out. Topically, we can thank Vitamin C for glowing, radiant and youthful skin.

Cheers to Vitamin C…and as Ole always says, “Your health is your wealth!”

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