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The Story Behind OLEHENRIKSEN’S Vibrant Colors!

When I think about vibrant colors and beautiful aromas, two things come to mind: the first being the wonderful season of spring when all things bloom and flourish and the second being the brightly packaged and aromatic OLEHENRIKSEN products that I’m surrounded by every day in the office. Ole has always strived to not only formulate effectual products, but to really create a total sensory experience for his clients to enjoy when treating their skin at home.

Ole is full of life, and happy, positive energy, so when he decided to reinvent the look and feel of the brand many years ago, it was only natural to make products with cheerful and energetic colors. “Bright colors make me happy,” says Ole, “I wanted the clients to have the same experience with color that I have –I wanted to share the energy, the feeling of aliveness that I get when I see bright colors!”

With this in mind, I sat down with Ole to get the story behind our brand’s vibrant color choices!

Jenn: What made you choose orange packaging for the truth serum collagen booster?

Ole: “The truth serum collagen booster contains pure orange extract and Vitamin C with a vanilla-citrus aroma and for me, it was only natural that this product was labeled with a bright orange label.”

Jenn: Why did you choose green for oily / blemish products, purple for dry / sensitive products and warm orange for normal / combination products?

Ole: “Well, green is a very cooling, calming, and soothing color. I saw this as the perfect way to go since my philosophy is to treat oily / blemish prone skin with gentle ingredients, to soothe and calm the skin. Purple, to me is a very rich, indulgent and regal color and it seemed very appropriate for dry / sensitive skin because when you’re faced with dry skin, you want a rich product to nourish and repair. For normal / combination skin, I chose orange because I see it as a color that reminds me of the happy sun, it nourishes, heals and balances – it warms you, and comforts you.”

Jenn: What made you add fun stripes to the 3 little wonders packaging?

Ole: “The stripes on the packaging reflect the stripes that I wear on so many of my shirts. I love stripes because it allows for many different colors – fun colors – to be playfully expressed at once. I find that wearing brightly colored striped shirts makes such a difference with how I feel when I get dressed in the morning.”

Here at the OLEHENRIKSEN Corporate Headquarters, each person is able to select an accent color for a wall in their office. It really brings fun vibrancy to our working environment and is a true reflection of the OLEHENRISKSEN brand and Ole’s love affair with colors and happiness. From our OH family to yours, we wish you a happy spring and healthy skin!

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