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Multitasking skin care: treat acne + wrinkles with one simple step

We sent out a survey to our fans a number of months back and one of the most frequently asked questions that you asked was: “Are there any products that help both acne and anti-aging simultaneously?” And the answer to … Continue reading

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Get Prepped for Prom!

Everyone wants to feel like the perfect princess on prom night. We search for the perfect dress, the perfect hair style and the perfect shoes for the big night, but what about prepping for flawless skin for a perfect make … Continue reading

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Six Busted Acne Myths

Breakouts leave us with more than unpleasant scars, they also present us with countless questions on how to clear up our skin and prevent them from ruining our next date night. With all of the different myths floating around, it … Continue reading

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Ole’s Blemish Attack Kit: My Acne Solution

I’ve been struggling with cystic acne for years, a condition that occurs when inflamed lumps develop under the skin’s surface that pulsate and can be painful to the touch. I tried every acne treatment in existence before finding one that … Continue reading

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