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summertime and the livin’s easy…

The sun can be our best friend, providing our bodies with many essential vitamins; but, it can also be our worst enemy causing painful burns, life-threatening sun damage, or those unattractive age spots. Also known as “those things we all try to avoid like the plague!”

The June issue of European Men’s Health Magazine mentions OLEHENRIKSEN’s hands forward creme as a way great way to impress the ladies! They talk about how a swanky restaurant and smooth moves will come to nothing if your hands look like they’ve gone toe-to-toe with a meat grinder!

And let me tell you – it’s true! For a man, your hands signal to us ladies how well you take care of yourself!

“The hands are always exposed to the elements on a daily basis and therefore are more prone to showing the signs of aging if not properly cared for,” says Ole, “and if you want to tell a person’s true age, all you need to do is look at their hands!”

Here at OLEHENRIKSEN our hands forward creme – SPF 15 is a sun care product specifically designed for your hands! Not only does the hands forward creme soften and smooth your skin with shea butter, but it also stimulates cell renewal with sugar maple extract.

Now, are you sitting down for this one? One of the main ingredients in the hands forward creme is kojic acid which is known to fade discoloration, even skin tone and correct/prevent hyper-pigmentation.

So don’t worry ladies and gents! If you haven’t been using SPF on your hands and you happen to have a little sun damage, our creme can reverse the signs of aging!

How about that for good news on a Wednesday?

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  1. Stine says:


    I´m trying to find your products here in México but I cant find them anywhere.
    Do you market and sell them in México or do I have to buy them overseas?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Have a great day!

    Best – Stine

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