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Summer Travel Essentials

Summer is coming and that means vacation time! Traveling can be tough; knowing what to pack can be stressful! Ole thankfully offered some advice he’s accumulated from his travels all over the world:

“When I travel, I only take the basics along with me” says Ole. “The key for me is to take along my favorite cleanser, tonic, SPF day crème, night crème, eye crème and a favorite treatment like my truth serum® collagen booster.”

Keeping your routine simple as Ole recommends, will save time and packing space! It will also be easier to maintain the routine even when you’re busy during your time away.

The TSA requires liquids in your carry-on luggage be 3 fl oz or less.  Luckily, most of the OLEHENRIKSEN products are available in smaller sizes, making them easy and ready to take on travel!

Another key tip to remember is to keep your skin hydrated throughout your trip.  Spending time on the plane and in hotels can deplete your skin of nutrients and moisture so look to crèmes that are richer in texture to deliver nourishment and moisture to restore a healthy glow.

Some essentials Ole recommends keeping in your travel bag to have readily available are lip balm and face mist.  His favorites are fresh lips SPF 15 and pick me up tonic.  These are great choices too because they’re deeply restoring and refreshing and can be applied as often as necessary.  After a long trip, especially, make sure to mist your face with the tonic – it’ll instantly restore moisture and rejuvenate your skin. Happy travels!

Where are you going this summer?

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