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With so many different skincare trends that come and go, choosing a product, let alone an entire collection worth sticking to is a rare find. Scandanavian model, turned devoted mother Helene Heldager gives us insight on why she has been a faithful user of OLEHENRIKSEN skincare for the past 25 years.  Even when her skin concerns have changed, Helene provides advice on how she has adjusted her skincare routine, and lives a balanced lifestyle based on Ole’s philosophy for a complexion that seems to defy age without the use of cosmetic surgery or injections.

Shannon Ma: What is your skin type?

Helene Heldager: Normal … and now a little mature.

SM: What are your primary concerns?

HH: Being 41 I’m just now starting to see what may be my primary concerns in the years to come. I’m beginning to detect a slight discoloration on my upper lip – it may be hormonal changes and it may be sun exposure. At any point I’m aware of it and know to act now.

Another concern is broken capillaries. It’s hereditary and my mother’s cheeks are constantly red but even though your genes play a role you’re still in control when it comes to cold weather which can make things worse for us that are prone to broken capillaries.

SM: What products do you use that address your concerns?

HH: I’ve started using Enlighten Me to fade the discoloration on my upper lip before it gets any worse. I’m also being more faithful with my sunblock – even when they sky is grey, as it often is here in Denmark.

With regards to the broken capillaries I always make sure to use Skin Insulator during the cold winters here in Denmark and sometimes I even use a little complexion oil underneath to give my skin even more moisture.

SM: Can you tell us how your skincare concerns have changed from your 20’s 30’s and 40’s?


20’s: When I was in my 20s I really had no concerns. I’ve always loved skincare products and was using them faithfully – just because I loved it. When I was 27 I had triplets and the hormonal change in my body was huge. All of a sudden my hair got curly and my skin got drier. The sleep deprivation left its mark on my skin, too. I had dark circles under my eyes and sometimes the skin around my eyes looked green. I made sure to drink a lot of water (I was breast feeding all three) and my husband made sure I was getting nourishing meals. After 8 months they all slept through the night – and so did I.

30’s: In my 30s I had two more sons and became more conscious of making sure that my skin was getting enough moisture and protecting it from the sun. I started using richer creams such as Pure Perfection, and adding Complexion Oil to my creams.  I also became more conscious of using sunblock. I love the fact that you can get moisturizers with SPF − makes life so much easier!

40’s: Today, I know my skin and use the products according to what ‘mood’ my skin is in. One day I may use Herbal Day Crème with a touch of Complexion Oil and the next day I’ll use Truth Serum topped off with Express the Truth – whatever my skin craves.

SM: Based on how your skincare needs have changed, has your regimen changed as well?

HH: I was 16 when I started using Ole’s products. The first products I used were Apricot Cleansing Lotion, Cucumber Skintonic, Evening Primrose Soap and Herbal Day Creme. I’ve continued using three of the products till this day – the primrose soap was discontinued years back. I’ve always kept my skincare regimen simple − cleanser, skintonic and moisturizer − and today I may be using a lot more products (and definitely more anti-aging products than when I was 16!). I choose whatever my skin needs.

SM: Living in Scandinavia you are exposed to very cold winters, do you change your regimen seasonally?

HH: Yes, in the summer I love using Herbal Day Crème as it has a light and yet very moisturizing effect. During the cold winters I change to Skin Insulator or Pure Perfection – often with a light layer of Complexion Oil underneath.

SM: Being a close friend of Ole, how do you see his values reflected in his collection?

HH: When I open the lid on one of Ole’s jars I just feel so pampered. The products all smell so wonderfully fresh and I love the colorful packaging! Ole is no doubt the most positive and colorful person I’ve ever met. He has a special ability to always see the good in people or a particular situation and he oozes energy and positivity. I always feel inspired to do better, be more positive and eat healthier when I’m around him. His skincare line reflects all these elements and I’m reminded every time I grab one of his products.

SM: Ole’s philosophy is “Nature, Science, Beauty, Wellness … A total lifestyle brand” Do you feel like you live by this philosophy as well and how do you do it?

HH: I definitely try to live by it and living in the countryside here in Denmark I’ve got nature covered pretty well. And being a translator in the skincare area I keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening within skincare science.

Beauty is a funny thing and over the years I’ve realized that inner beauty is by far the most appealing. When I was a teenager I was hypnotized by pictures of top models and dreamed of growing longer legs but I’ve learned that beauty fades. Being beautiful both on the inside and the outside is something to strive for. Wellness to me is being happy and healthy. I do my half hour ride on the bike every day with my youngest on the back and often we drag dad along. I try to do good every day and be as positive as I can. I remind myself not to let petty things get on my nerves and I’ve taught myself to appreciate little everyday things like the smile of one of my sons, the sun through the window or a warm embrace from my husband.

SM: What are the OLEHENRIKSEN products you can’t go without?

HH: Apricot Cleansing Lotion and Herbal Day Crème.

SM: Do you have a secret tip for using any of Ole’s products?

HH: I wet my skin and use Apricot Cleansing Lotion as a massage lotion on my face. I spend a few minutes just massaging my face − it gets the blood flowing and brings out the most beautiful glow in your skin.

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