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Six Busted Acne Myths

Breakouts leave us with more than unpleasant scars, they also present us with countless questions on how to clear up our skin and prevent them from ruining our next date night. With all of the different myths floating around, it can be difficult to figure out what’s true and what’s not. We asked acne expert Ole Henriksen for the truth about the following myths to help us prevent and treat future breakouts.

1. Changing your pillowcase daily prevents bacteria buildup and acne.

FALSE: Although your skin has its share of bacteria at the surface, most acne develops due to what’s on the inside of your body. As long as you have cleansed your face beforehand with our on the go or aloe vera cleanser, your pillow will not contribute to the problem. “The only reason why you would need to change your pillow cases frequently is if your skin is inflamed and puss has seeped onto it,” says Ole. “But washing your sheets and pillowcases every week or every other week is always recommended to keep your skin clean.”

2. Using a day crème at night will clog your pores.

FALSE: Many people incorrectly assume that SPF products will clog your skin. While it wouldn’t hurt to use your day crème at night, Ole recommends using a night crème specifically suited to repair your skin as you sleep. When you are in a state of rest, your skin is constantly renewing itself and recovering at a greater rate and is more accepting of aggressive night crèmes that promote cell renewal. Ole’s invigorating night gel does just that. In the morning, use a day crème like our herbal day crème with SPF to protect your skin from sun damage.

3. Exfoliating cleansers will help clear your skin when breakouts are present.

Although exfoliation is an important step in cell renewal, it is not recommended to use a facial scrub if your skin is prone to breakouts. The skin on your face is very delicate, especially when it’s inflamed. Even the mildest scrubs can be too harsh for your already irritated skin and cause broken capillaries. Rather than fight your acne with aggressive products, choose soothing cleansers such as the aloe vera cleanser or apricot cleansing lotion to calm the inflammation.

4. Any blemish can be squeezed as long as you use clean fingertips.

FALSE: All blemishes are not created equal. If you have cystic acne, which are inflamed lumps occur under the skin’s surface that pulsate and can be painful to the touch, leave them alone. These types of breakouts are seated in the dermis layer and will eventually dissolve and dry up into the bloodstream. Pimples, which tend to be more common, occur when the pores become blocked and can be carefully released when they come to a head with clean hands, a tissue and gentle pressure.

5. Adult acne is only caused by stress and hormonal changes.

According to Ole, the real reason why many people develop adult acne is due to their diets. During stressful situations, people tend to reach for comfort foods over healthier alternatives. These choices take a toll on your body as well as your skin. “Stress does not cause bad acne,” says Ole. “It’s our actions associated with stress like eating cakes and fried foods that lead to changes in our skin.”

6. Acne scars are permanent without expensive treatments.

While some acne scars may require laser treatments, scars that are superficial can be eliminated with the use of Ole’s micro mini peeling system for a period of six to 12 months after breakouts have subsided.

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19 Responses to “Six Busted Acne Myths”

  1. Kristina says:

    Hi Ole,

    Thank you for the great advises, -especially about the pimples. I just love your website and the that you’re throwing hints and messages out on twitter!
    Thank you foor beeing who you are, and keep beeing it.
    I totally adore your products!
    Thank you for still acknowledge Denmark and visit so often, even now when you’re so big in the US.

    love from Kristina (who’s sitting in old and cold Denmark (randers) – Hvor der har været sne siden før jul og stadig er!)

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