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Saltwater Solution For Winter Aches And Pains

If you don’t have the time to make it to the spa this holiday season, Ole has a great saltwater soak that is perfect for treating tired and fatigued muscles.

Blend a pint of epsom salts into a warm tub of water, add a half ounce of eucalyptus essential oil and three ounces of almond oil and stir. The natural fats from the almond oil will help restore and protect your skins surface making it soft to the touch. Allow the eucalyptus aroma to blanket around you and breathe in its soothing scent. Don’t forget to roll a hand towel under your neck so you can soak comfortably.

There’s nothing wrong with putting on some tranquil music, but according to Ole, a little quiet time might be even better, “We don’t always need to have an iPod stuck in our ears. As human beings, we have a need for peace and quiet,” he says. “So much creativity flows and so many answers come to us in those moments of quiet.” Light some candles to create a calm and quiet ambience.

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