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Protect Winter Skin With Salt, Butter and Mango

There is no better way to treat yourself or your loved ones this chilly holiday season with a soothing body treatment at OLEHENRIKSEN FACE/BODY.

I recently had the pleasure of spending a day at the spa and enjoyed the benefits of an indulgent body treatment from 12 year veteran massage and body therapist Michael Simon. He also happens to be the creator of this month’s most popular services and one of the most decadent body indulgences at the spa, the salt butter and mango treatment.

“I wanted to create a very decadent experience,” says Simon. “The cocoa butter moisturizes and protects dry skin during the winter, the salt exfoliates and the sugar from the mango provides antioxidants and firming benefits to the dermis.”

So treat yourself to one of dozens of natural treatments at OLEHENRIKSEN FACE/BODY this winter. You’ll feel like a celebrity for a day and enjoy the long lasting effects of a healing spa day all season long. But don’t take it from me, experience your own head to toe transformation and enjoy the uplifting atmosphere of Ole’s world famous spa.

“Ole’s positive energy emanates throughout the spa,” says Simon. “His energy fills the whole place.”

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  3. The active ingredients of mango will nurture your skin and the much needed antioxidants of yoghurt will take care of the damage caused by the harmful sun rays. Mango boasts of having a high content of antioxidants and is rich in its hydrating properties while also being rich in vitamin C that helps in relieving clogged pores. Yoghurt being a good natural sunscreen improves complexion and with its cooling and calming properties, makes the skin soft and supple and is a good anti-skin irritant.

    Remember to use fresh yoghurt else your face might burst into boils. Also, while mixing yoghurt with Fullers Earth and applying on the face is a good idea, make sure not to let it dry completely especially if you are prone to having a dry complexion.

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