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Product Spotlight: Loofah Body Scrub

It dawned on me a few days ago that summer time is just a few months away and Mr. Sun is looming over my head. Everyone has their get “summer-ready” rituals because we all want to look amazing when it comes time to bare some skin!

Ole Henriksen’s loofah body scrub is part of my get “summer-ready” routine. This all-natural scrub is perfect for a steamy summer night because it contains menthol for an added cooling sensation while you bathe.

Its organic ingredients such as almond and hazelnut seed meal gently re-texture and exfoliate to enhance circulation and reveal more luminous skin. And, the best part: while those little seeds are working away, doing their job to remove any dead skin, Vitamins A & E are regenerating and repairing your skin. Really, it’s a win-win situation. It removes any dullness and recuperates my natural, healthy glow.

As Ole says, “Your health is your wealth” and I’m planning on having a naturally wealthy summer!

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6 Responses to “Product Spotlight: Loofah Body Scrub”

  1. parker1 says:

    Wow!! That’s great news for this summer. Loofah Body Scrub is made of herbal products. It contains menthol which has a cooling sensation, almond and hazelnut seed and also Vitamin A and E. I think it will be a good product.

  2. Wow this product sounds great. Where can i find it.

  3. Almay says:

    it comes to style and beauty……….

  4. I love body scrubs! I like how nice and soft my skin feels after a good scrub. I haven’t heard of this product but I’ll definitely look it up. I’m all for organic ingredients! Is it very expensive?

  5. Annette says:

    The product is good, but when I tried it, did it hurt my eyes because the smell is so strong :(

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