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product spotlight: all purpose aloe vera gel

I live my life on the go – from the moment I wake up, I hit the ground running. Like so many of you, I’m always looking for ways to condense my beauty routine into simpler steps to save on time without losing out on any of the benefits – especially during the summer months.

The all purpose aloe vera gel does just that! It allows me to treat my skin for any redness or irritation while also acting as a hydrator. It can be used on sun burns or on wet hair after shampooing to treat dry scalp – it really is all purpose!

Some of the main ingredients include:

Micro algae – helps with circulation

Chlorophyll – works to detoxify the skin

Copper – promotes collagen production and reduces redness

Chamomile extract – reduces inflammation, soothes and comforts skin

I love to use the all purpose aloe vera gel as a face-mask to help calm my skin. I simply apply a thick layer of the gel on the skin after cleansing and leave it on for about 30 minutes. As a woman who has struggled with acne, I can honestly say that this product diminishes redness and keeps my skin hydrated without causing future breakouts.

This product is recommended for anyone who is prone to acne because of it’s oil free ingredients and men because it is perfect for calming the skin after shaving. It’s no wonder this product is loved by celebs like Justin Timberlake and Adam Lambert!

Do you have anything special you like to do with the aloe vera gel? I know Ole loves to mix it with water in a spray bottle to mist his body while at the beach!

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