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Father Dearest

My dad is the ultimate caretaker. He always – sometimes too often – finds ways to show my sisters and I how much he loves us and goes above and beyond to make us feel special. Dedicating only one day a year to him doesn’t seem at all enough to say thank you for all he’s done for us, but every little detail counts.  Whether it’s a trip to the SPA for a well-deserved muscle-soothing massage or a great kit of products to help him get a closer shave, it’s always great to show him you love him with a gift he can use and enjoy.  One way to give back to him this year is to pamper him with OLEHENRIKSEN products that will de-stress and give him the gift of healthy skin! What’s not to love?

Father’s Day is so close! Dad might not put much thought into taking care of his skin while busy with the day to day of work and family life, so make him feel appreciated and adored with this amazing OLEHENRIKSEN Father’s Day special he is sure to enjoy:

on the go™ cleanser 7 fl. oz. / 207 ml Exhilarating, non-drying gel cleanser bursting with vitamin C

clean shave 7 fl oz / 207 ml Soothing shave gel for a close, clean shave

walnut complexion scrub 1.7 oz / 50 g: Exfoliating, deep cleansing scrub that encourages cell renewal

Value: $73.00

Retail: $49.50

Savings: 32%

3 piece set | $49.50

All of OLEHENRIKSEN’s products are made to work effectively on even the toughest of men.  Taking care of his skin shouldn’t be a chore for him and these products will work perfectly into even the busiest gentleman’s lifestyle and schedule.

How will you be spending your Father’s Day?

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Oh So Fantastic Facial Massage!

Whether you’re looking for a quick stress reliever during the midday slump, or a way to relax in the evening, facial massage is a small luxury of big advantage!  Our faces are filled with nerve endings and pleasure points that can benefit from this simple therapy.  When facial massage is done in conjunction with your normal skin care routine, it allows for products to better absorb into the skin because ingredients are given the time to activate and sink into pores.  Products that are given time to activate will be more productive, giving you more of a reason to show off your beautiful face and wear less makeup!

Key Benefits Include:

  • Revving up circulation, oxygenating the surface layer of the skin and speeding up cell renewal
  • Preventing wrinkles by loosening muscle tension, which can form lines in the skin
  • Detoxing the body by stimulating the release of contaminants in lymph and blood vessels

Ole’s How To:

To give yourself an at-home facial massage, first lift your head slightly back into a comfortable position.  Using your palms, massage your face in upward circular motions, alternating hands as you glide up the neck to the jaw line.  As a finishing note, gently tap your fingers to your skin – as if you were playing the piano.  This will get the blood moving and increase circulation.

As an added benefit to the massage, Ole also suggests taking an ice cube wrapped in a soft cloth and rubbing it over  the skin approximately 1-2 times per week for instant circulation and firming.  The cold has great anti-inflammatory properties to help depuff, cool and tighten the face.  Also try making the ice cubes with an OLEHENRIKSEN face tonic like African red tea face mist, which will release its unique combination of African red tea, white tea and pomegranate that is packed with nature’s most skin-friendly antioxidants, into your skin as you massage your face.

Taking that extra minute to massage your face allows you to pamper yourself, so close your eyes, relax and be beautiful!

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Skincare Secret: All about Serums

We always see in articles and are told by skincare professionals – like Ole, himself – that serums are miracle workers for the skin.  But what do they actually do? What can they do differently than a moisturizer?

Serums infuse the skin with a higher concentration of active ingredients to strengthen the immune mantle and neutralize free radical damage from the sun and the environment.  The commonality between all OLEHENRIKSEN serums is their ability to act as a booster treatment, elevating your skin to a greater level of perfection.  They’re designed to absorb quickly, lift and firm the skin more effectively and even out the skin’s pigment, leaving an enviably lustrous glow.

How can a serum boost your results?

Most serums are typically gel-based so that they can easily be layered under your moisturizer and makeup.  This way, you can prime and treat your skin with a nutrient-rich serum first, allowing it to absorb and enhance your other products.  A serum can be used either in the morning or night depending on preference and product formulation. For example, truth serum® collagen booster was designed to be worn during the day so that the skin can reap the benefits of important nutrients when the skin is exposed to environmental damage.  On the other hand, see the difference serum is great for evening use because it has restorative, cell-renewing ingredients that are great to use when the body is repairing itself during rest.

“My products are meant to be layered to promote a healthful complexion, ” Ole advised. “Serums should always be applied prior to moisturization to benefit from anti-aging properties and repair damage from environmental aggressors.”

Our #1 selling truth serum® collagen booster, is designed for all skin types, skin concerns and ages.  Loaded with antioxidants to fight off environmental damage, Vitamin C to promote healthy skin, smooth lines and wrinkles, and moisture-binding ingredients to keep your skin nourished and protected, truth serum absorbs instantly and penetrates skin to provide long term results.

Adding a serum to your daily skincare routine will definitely be worth the extra step to amp up your skin care routine! It’s never too early or too late to start using one and boost your skin care benefits!

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A Salt’s Cure

For centuries, men and women have bathed in the miraculous waters of the Dead Sea.  The benefits of dipping in mineral-rich waters have been recognized throughout the ages.  After a long and relaxing soak in the soothing, salty waters, the skin is enriched, ultra-moisturized and feels silky soft.

Sea salt is also a very simple cure for treating tired and fatigued muscles.  If you can’t get to a spa to pamper yourself – follow these steps to create an at-home oasis and take advantage of the benefits of a relaxing salt soak and give yourself a little you time:

  • Take 2 cups of Epsom Salt, blend it into warm water
  • Add 1 tablespoon of your favorite essential oil
  • Add 6 tablespoons of almond oil
  • Stir together and enjoy

The aroma of the essential oil will calm and relax while the good fats in the almond oil will enrich and protect the skin’s mantle.

Short on time?  Try the OLEHENRIKSEN rub ‘n buff salt scrub with lavender and lemongrass essential oils and all the benefits of mineral-rich sea salt!

You can use either of these scrubs as a soak, too – dilute the product into warm water and reap the benefits of a mineral-rich bath.  So, roll a hand towel under your neck, lay back and soak!

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OLEHENRIKSEN Staff Obsessions!

A while back we revealed Ole’s favorite products and some of his tips and tricks. We thought it would be fun to continue with the rest of the OLEHENRIKSEN team. My latest product obsession is the blue / black berry enzyme mask – hope you enjoy learning why I LOVE it! What’s YOUR favorite OLEHENRIKSEN product? Do you have any fun product tricks you can share with us?

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Weatherproof your skin for the winter season!

The holiday season is upon us and that means that cold and freezing weather conditions are coming our way. Freezing temperatures and indoor heating are what causes our skin to get dry and result in broken capillaries during the winter. Taking the right steps toward “weatherproofing” your skin can make all the difference – and we do want to look our best, especially around the holidays! When I say “weatherproofing” your skin, I mean changing up your skincare routine from season to season. Just like you change up your clothes it is as important to change up your skincare routine from fall to winter if you want to protect your skin.

There are 3 things you want to make sure you have in your medicine cabinet during the winter.

1. Winter treatment                                   2.  Winter moisturizing crème                                        3. Exfoliant

The black currant complexion oil is a great example of a winter treatment which will give your skin the ultimate protection it needs from environmental aggressors and prevent your skin from loosing moisture. Plus it works wonders as a makeup primer!

black currant complexion oil benefits
Ingredient Black Currant Oil Vitamin E Apricot kernel oil

Contains nature’s highest   concentration of linolenic acids, provides skin with environmental protection and helps skin maintain resiliency

Powerful antioxidant that prevents and repairs environmental damage Soothes and comforts your skin while protecting capillary walls from cold weather damage

Skin insulator is a great winter moisturizing crème and can be your skin’s best friend during the cold winter months as it will cushion and comfort your skin against environmental damage while preventing capillary damage.

skin insulator SPF 15
Ingredient Borage Seed Oil Grapeseed Oil SPF 15
Benefits Reduces skin irritation and dryness with gamma linolenic acid and prevents water loss Contains vitamins and extremely powerful antioxidants that will nourish the skin The perfect amount of sun protection your skin needs when running your daily errands

The third must have winter product is an exfoliant like the walnut complexion scrub. As I mentioned before your skin will get drier during the cold months, which creates a thicker layer of dead skin cells. If dead skin cells aren’t properly exfoliated, they will build up and give your skin that dull look, and we don’t want that! This exfoliator works great with all skin types and will reveal a more luminous complexion just in time for the holidays.

walnut complexion scrub
Ingredient Walnut Powder Chamomile Korean Ginseng
Benefits Mildly abrasive and aids in cell renewal Calms, softens and soothes the skin Increases cellular energy and stimulates microcirculation

Instead of dealing with dry, flaky and sensitive skin this winter, enjoy luminous, glowing skin like you deserve by simply adding one if not all of these steps to your skincare regimen. How are you planning on “weatherproofing” your skin this fall?

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Ask Ole: How can I maintain a healthy diet on the go for healthy skin?

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Since I started working with Ole Henriksen about a year and a half ago, I have learned so much about how what you eat is not only connected to your general well-being but also the overall health of your skin.

“The skin is your body’s largest organ and all skin renewal processes are impacted by what we eat. You always want to ask yourself: are the foods I’m eating serving my body in the best way possible? In a nutshell, the foods we eat provide fuel for our body to function at optimum levels,” says Ole.

That being said, we all lead busy lives, myself included, so I wanted to sit down with Ole who has mastered the craft of eating healthy on the go in order to maintain a healthy body and glowing skin.

Jenn: “What special advice do you have for people who eat out regularly?”

Ole: When I order at a restaurant, I scan the menu quickly to get an overview of what great salads, vegetable soups and yummy,  simple sandwiches they might have. I immediately will stay far, far away from anything that is fried or contains a long list of ingredients. I explore and try new and exciting things, but always keep in mind that my meal needs a complex carbohydrate, a protein and healthy fats.

Things I order:

  • Chicken: Grilled not fried or stuffed with anything extra
  • Fish: Grilled or poached, never fried
  • Salad: Filled with dark leafy green vegetables with my dressing on the side
  • Dessert: As a rule, I never order dessert on my own – I may have a bite or two of a shared sweet. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I may order a fruit salad on my own. Continue reading
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