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Ole’s Tips For Healthy Eating On The Go

For Ole, beauty means taking pride in caring for your appearance, and it begins from the inside out. “Focus on eating deliciously healthy foods and take time to practice a fitness routine that energizes and strengthens your body,” says Ole. “And don’t forget to recharge your batteries and spend time with family and loved ones.” Even with his hectic schedule and constant traveling, Ole still finds a way to eat smart rather than having to resort to eating fast food junk foods.

“When it’s a morning flight, I bring a Tupperware container with oatmeal, flaxseed, and raw almonds to the airport, and add hot milk or water from Starbucks,” says Ole. “Then, to take on the flight, I’ll bring a multigrain sandwich with either almond butter and mashed bananas or avocado, sprouts, and a little cheese.”

People tend to forget that healthy fats are vital for brain function, eyesight and the quality of your hair and skin. Because the fat is burned slowly, they also provide energy that will get you through the day. Maintain a healthy diet on the go by bringing a healthy snack with you wherever you go!

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