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Ole’s Men’s Kit: A Gift Every Man Will Love

For men, no fuss skin care is a definite must. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for your man or looking to give yourself a gift this holiday season, Ole’s Men’s Kit was designed to fit every man’s basic skin care needs. “Men like things really simple, so I had that in mind when I put the men’s kit together,” says Ole.

The men’s kit is a simple solution that addresses major skin care concerns of men everywhere, such as getting a closer shave and preventing ingrown hairs by exfoliating with the walnut complexion scrub and getting a refreshing and moisturizing clean with the natural hair wash.

The on-the-go cleanser has been popular with male celebrities such as Justin Timberlake for it’s cool clean feeling and countless other famous faces keep their skin moisturized with Ole’s sheer transformation crème.

“Men have come to understand that taking care of one’s skin is a mere extension of overall wellness, fitness and nutrition,” says Ole. “After following my advice, men come back and report to me the improvement that they have seen in their skin and feel good about it.”

Check out Ole’s other men’s products here! What men’s product is your personal favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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