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Ole Shares Stories About his Dad for Father’s Day!

Father’s day was this past weekend and Ole is always telling us how he got his energy and positive outlook from his dad. To cure my curiosity and yours, I asked Ole to share some fun memories from his childhood.

Here’s what he shared:

“As the oldest son, my father would take me on his bicycle to the local Inn every Sunday. I would sit on the kids seat on the bike and enjoy the wind in my hair and my alone time with my dad.  When we arrived at the Inn, my father would meet his friends and play billiards while I would be busy playing with the juke-box.  I’d always run up to my dad and ask him: ‘Dad! Can I have another coin for the juke-box?’ And he would always give one to me. Music has always been a huge part of my life and still is to this very day.”

“Here I am vacationing on the island of Bornholm with my dad Henrik, middle brother Per and little brother Hans –Henrik. This trip was very special for my entire family and me because I won the trip for all of us by entering an essay contest in Denmark at the age of 14. I got all of my physical energy from my dad and I have one very distinct memory from that trip. Since the island is surrounded by rocks – I remember we would jump from rock to rock together on the water front – chasing each other, laughing and feeling very free.  That memory is so clear to me still. My mom would always say: “Be careful! Don’t fall!” and my dad would just continue to play along with us.”

“Here I am on a weekend getaway to the resort town Blokhus in Denmark with my dad and two brothers. Even during the summer, the water in the North Sea is ice cold. My father, mother, brother’s and I would race and JUMP into the icy water, splash around and play for hours.”

Wishing all of you a fabulous weekend surrounded by the love and warmth of family and friends – Ole.

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