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Ole Henriksen Dishes on Exercise Skin Care!

Summer is just around the corner and I don’t know about you, but just the words bathing + suit will send me to the gym a little more than usual! So, I sat down and interviewed Ole to get his special pre/post-gym beauty tips – and I’m going to let you in on all of his special secrets!

Q: Are there any skin recommendations you would give to people prior to their exercise?

A: “Yes. Cleanse your skin prior to a work-out. You never want to exercise with a face full of foundation and heavy make-up. Always exercise with clean skin, a thin layer of eye cream and moisturizer to allow the skin to glow and breathe.”

Q: I’ve always wondered, does sweat have any correlation to acne?

A: “No. Acne and perspiring—there is simply no correlation, contrary to popular belief! When you eat a clean and healthy diet and drink plenty of water, you will perspire cleanly and no blemishes will form.”

Q: How would you suggest a woman on the go fixes her post-gym hair?

A: “The secret is to always sleek your hair back with a hair gel and pull it back with a little hair tie. The best part about a work-out is that you are left with that beautiful, healthy glow on your skin—that should be the focal point. Your hair may be messed-up, but when you sleek it back the focus will be on the skin. “

Q: Do you lose moisture on the skin from sweating?

A: “You really don’t lose moisture on the surface when you perspire – if anything the perspiration seals in more moisture. But, you will want to get rid of that sticky mantle left on your skin! Splash your face with cold water and that will remove the uncomfortable feeling. Then you’ll want to mist your face with pick me up face tonic and apply a thin layer of moisturizer.”

Q: What do you recommend for dry, oily and combination skin after a work-out?

A: “Here’s what I would recommend:

Dry Skin typically doesn’t tend to perspire as regularly when working out, but gets uncomfortably sticky. All you’ll maybe want to do is mist with african red tea face mist and then apply herbal day crème or skin insulator crème – both with SPF.

Oily skin should always splash the face with cold water, apply grease relief skin tonic with a cotton swab because they tend to have more of a greasy mantle, then apply sheer transformation crème because it’s oil free and extremely light in texture.

Combination skin should be splashing with cool water as well – mist your face with pick me up face tonic followed by herbal day crème.

For all skin types, splashing your face with water is key and so is misting with a toner!”

Q: What are your tips for maximizing fat-burning and toxin release?

A: “The greatest way to maximize toxin release and to burn fat is any kind of cardio-based exercise that increases your heart beat such as: Running, dancing, jumping rope, roller-blading, or making love.”

So, there you have it! Those are some of Ole Henriksen’s insider tips on how to keep you looking your best – both while you’re at the gym and after your work-out all summer long! Do you have any special things you do? We’d love to hear them!

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