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OH SPF + Temptu Summer Skin Set = Ready to Glow!

Working for a skin care company, I am reminded on daily basis just how important sun protection is for the overall health of my skin – but I don’t want a ‘Casper the friendly ghost’ look either. After being introduced to Temptu through our friends at Sephora, I fell in love with the product and the way it performs with my OLEHENRIKSEN skin care regimen. More recently, I discovered Temptu’s Summer Skin Kit and I finally feel like I have achieved a perfect, tan without the harmful sun rays.

The 3 Step kit contains:

Step 1: AIR pod ™ Tan Prep

This pod contains glycolic and lactic acids which help refine the skin’s texture and create a smooth canvas – the perfect prep for self tanner. (AHAs are a favorite ingredient of Ole’s). Spray this on your face evenly, leave to dry for 60 seconds and gently wipe with a cloth.

Step 2: AIR pod ™ Face Tan – gradual glow

This is the step where the color comes from – it’s like liquid gold! I noticed that it absorbed into my skin quickly and gave me a streak-free tan on my face and neck. Be sure to let the face tan product dry for 5 minutes before applying your Temptu make-up. The beauty of this step is that your tan gradually deepens over 3 hours and can last up to 5 days.

Step 3: AIR pod ™ Bronzer – Warm Glow

This is the perfect finishing touch, allowing you to add the bronzing highlights for a perfect sun-kissed look without all of the sun-kissed damage.

Now that you have achieved a sunless tan, don’t forget to protect your skin on a daily basis with an SPF. Ole recommends applying an SPF 15 for daily use like our truth revealed super crème SPF 15 and a stronger SPF for extended sun exposure like our protect the truth SPF 50+. Be sure to apply your sunscreen product after applying your AIR pod ™ Tan Prep exfoliant, but before applying your gradual glow self tanner and AIR pod make up so that the SPF protection is closest to your skin. Wishing all of you a safe, happy and GLOWING summer!

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