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Oh So Fantastic Facial Massage!

Whether you’re looking for a quick stress reliever during the midday slump, or a way to relax in the evening, facial massage is a small luxury of big advantage!  Our faces are filled with nerve endings and pleasure points that can benefit from this simple therapy.  When facial massage is done in conjunction with your normal skin care routine, it allows for products to better absorb into the skin because ingredients are given the time to activate and sink into pores.  Products that are given time to activate will be more productive, giving you more of a reason to show off your beautiful face and wear less makeup!

Key Benefits Include:

  • Revving up circulation, oxygenating the surface layer of the skin and speeding up cell renewal
  • Preventing wrinkles by loosening muscle tension, which can form lines in the skin
  • Detoxing the body by stimulating the release of contaminants in lymph and blood vessels

Ole’s How To:

To give yourself an at-home facial massage, first lift your head slightly back into a comfortable position.  Using your palms, massage your face in upward circular motions, alternating hands as you glide up the neck to the jaw line.  As a finishing note, gently tap your fingers to your skin – as if you were playing the piano.  This will get the blood moving and increase circulation.

As an added benefit to the massage, Ole also suggests taking an ice cube wrapped in a soft cloth and rubbing it over  the skin approximately 1-2 times per week for instant circulation and firming.  The cold has great anti-inflammatory properties to help depuff, cool and tighten the face.  Also try making the ice cubes with an OLEHENRIKSEN face tonic like African red tea face mist, which will release its unique combination of African red tea, white tea and pomegranate that is packed with nature’s most skin-friendly antioxidants, into your skin as you massage your face.

Taking that extra minute to massage your face allows you to pamper yourself, so close your eyes, relax and be beautiful!

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