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New Year, New You! Wellness Tips from Ole Henriksen

To kick off the New Year we asked Ole Henriksen to share some of his wellness tips to get your overall life and the health of your skin in gear! Who better to ask than the man behind the motto “Nature – science – beauty – wellness…a total lifestyle brand.”

Ole Says…

Make African red tea (Rooibos tea) your drink of choice and dump the sugary fillers! Drink this delicious tea hot or chilled over ice to get your daily dose of anti-aging antioxidants (50X the amount found in green tea). Important minerals for the skin like iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, potassium and copper are also abundant in the tea. When African red tea is applied to the skin it performs miracles due to its ability to repair and refine the skin’s texture.

Take care of your body, not just your skin: A fit and agile body combined with great skin will make anyone look years younger. Exercise should focus on building strong and elongated muscles while putting equal emphasis on flexibility and proper breathing. Try exercises that don’t cause too much bodily stress like yoga. You will discover a newfound amount energy you never knew you had.

Think pure and wholesome when choosing foods:  Junk foods filled with saturated and hydrogenated fats are outright toxic and will zap you of energy while also negatively impacting your skin. Sugar is another enemy of the skin. When insulin levels in the blood peak, the body’s hormonal levels increase it’s production of sebum (oil), resulting in blemishes. Excessive sugar can also cause rosacea and collagen to become inflexible, which means premature wrinkling. So enjoy all sugar in moderation!

Embrace life in a positive manner! By doing so, we embrace our individuality and the endless possibilities that life can offer. In turn, we feel much happier. Happiness transcends beauty in its purest form.

There you have it, wellness tips straight from Hollywood’s skin care guru to the stars. Wishing all of you a wonderful 2011 full of WELLNESS!

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