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Multitasking skin care: treat acne + wrinkles with one simple step

We sent out a survey to our fans a number of months back and one of the most frequently asked questions that you asked was: “Are there any products that help both acne and anti-aging simultaneously?” And the answer to that question is yes!

“When I develop products, I always like them to multitask. I think people deserve optimum results in their skin care favorites,” says Ole Henriksen.

There are three main OLEHENRIKSEN products that address acne and anti-aging simultaneously:

blemish attack daily defense gel: this clarifying gel works to unclog your pores, control excess oil and improve the texture of your skin. Aloe vera works to moisturize, calm and heal the skin while glycolic and lactic acids gently exfoliate, create pigment uniformity and speed up cell turnover and salicylic acid works to remove dry and flaky skin.

HOW TO: After cleansing and toning in the morning, apply and even layer of the blemish attack daily defense gel and follow with your favorite SPF moisturizer.

invigorating night gel: this oil-free, light-weight gel contains a concentrated triplex of alpha hydroxy acids to regulate overactive oil glands, speed up the skin’s renewal system, diminish fine lines and minimize blemishes along with algae extract which nourishes, calms, and tightens the skin.

HOW TO: After cleansing and toning in the evening, apply an even layer on your face and neck. The skin works harder to repair itself while you’re body is resting at night, so  the high concentration of fruit acids work overtime and you will wake up fresh looking in the morning.

roll on blemish attack: this spot treatment goes right to work on killing bacteria and sloughing away dead skin cells to clear up break-outs without irritation. Ingredients like benzoyl peroxide fight blemishes by killing bacteria, while sugar cane and maple extracts stimulate cell renewal, thermal clay, kaolin and zinc absorb excess oil and salicylic acid loosens oil within the pores.

HOW TO: After cleansing and toning your skin, roll over any problem areas. Allow the treatment to dry and repeat 1 – 2 X as needed. Be sure to use this product at night as benzoyl peroxide is light sensitive.

These three products are a big part of my daily regimen – I use the blemish attack gel as a day time treatment, the invigorating night gel as a night time reparative treatment and the roll on blemish attack the get rid of those pesky spots. All three are calming, all three treat acne breakouts and all three prevent the signs of aging.

Do you have more questions for us? Ask away in the comments below – you never know, the next blog write up could be inspired by your question!

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