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How to use your cleanser the right way

When it comes to cleansing my face, I used to always think that the harder I scrubbed, the cleaner my face would be. Little did I know, my heavy hand was actually doing more harm than help. Ole corrected my routine by letting me know that scrubbing too hard can actually inflame the skin and lead to broken capillaries, which is the last thing I should do with cystic acne prone skin.

“Everything that shows results always has a method behind it,” says Ole. “The best way to use a daily facial cleanser for any skin type is to gently massage in circular motions from the mid-neck while simultaneously working your hands upward and outward.” Doing this helps activate the ingredients and is also very soothing.

The on the go cleanser has been the most popular with loyal spa clients like Justin Timberlake, who raved about it in the September 2009 issue of InStyle magazine. Great for combination skin, this cleanser contains a non-drying formula that is bursting with vitamin C and elm extract to help retexturize and soothe the skin. Apply your favorite cleanser the right way to activate these skin nourishing ingredients and revitalize your skin!

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