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How To Treat Your Feet — The Natural Way

We rely on our feet to carry us through the day, but are you pampering them the way you should? “Let’s face it, our feet do a lot of multi-tasking every day,” says Ole. “Your feet should be pampered as much as your face.” After a long day on your feet, step into your bath and immerse your feet with the muscle comfort soak. Next, apply an exfoliating scrub like our loofah body scrub to remove dead skin cells. After you’ve dried off, apply a hydrating moisturizer to prevent dry, cracked heels.

Our muscle comfort lotion is perfect for sore or over-worked joints and hydrates to prevent dry skin. Originally formulated for pregnant women as a solution for pesky swollen ankles, Ole has since discovered that this lotion is equally beneficial to athletes with muscle soreness, elderly people with circulation problems and more. The peppermint essential oils work to stimulate micro-circulation, while the seaweed extract helps detoxify and reduce excess fluid accumulation around the ankles. The peppermint also delivers an invigorating aroma that men and women alike can enjoy. Nourish your tired feet today — you deserve it!

What are your most pressing foot care concerns? Share them with us in the comments below!

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