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How to treat emergency blemishes

At some point in your life a blemish has shown up right before a big event. I don’t know about you, but I would rather go stag than have Mr. Blemish be my +1.

Not to worry – Ole to the rescue! Blemishes and cystic pimples show up from time to time and I’m going to share some of Ole’s celebrity secrets for making your pimples disappear.

Cystic Pimples:

Ole’s secret for treating a cystic pimple is to take an ice cube, wrap it in a thin cloth and rub it on the cyst for a minute or two at a time (repeated numerous times throughout the day). This will help take the inflammation down. Ideally, follow with a thin layer of our blemish attack gel to treat. The cyst will be gone in a matter of a couple of days. Please do not squeeze on the cyst, it will only prolong its lifespan and wreak havoc on your beautiful skin.

White Head Pimples:

Ole’s secret for treating a white head pimple is to take a wash cloth and run very warm water over it, ring out the excess water and place it over your blemish. The heat that is generated from the warm cloth will allow the pus to either dissolve back into the skin or become easy to extract. Do not tug on your skin or pick at a pimple. Take your two pointer fingers and place gentle pressure on either side of the blemish to extract. Follow with a thin layer of blemish attack gel to treat.

Now you know how to treat your breakouts and keep them at bay before a big event. Here’s to looking fabulous!

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