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How to show off your beautiful legs

Beautiful Legs

The key to great legs is beautiful texture and well-defined calves. To give your legs a luminous sheen, exfoliation is key. First, work an exfoliator like our rub n’ buff salt scrub into damp skin with firm circular motions to polish the skin. Rinse with warm water and apply a tiny amount of body oil like lavender on damp legs to highlight and smooth skin.

To enhance your radiant texture, pay special attention to cleansing and shaving your legs on a regular basis. If you can’t have a professional waxing done, be sure to thoroughly shave your legs going with the grain of the hair. Use a shave gel enriched with natural extracts of aloe, cucumber and eucalyptus like our clean shave gel for a smooth shave.

To tone the calves, try these great exercises from Ole:

1.    Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible to exercise and tone the legs. Defending on your attire, you can even take two steps at a time to intensify the exercise.

2.    Stand behind a chair for stability, placing your feet apart with your toes pointed out and lift your body so that all the weight is on your toes. Tighten the calf muscles for 30 seconds then relax back onto the soles of your feet. Repeat 20 times. You’ll tone up your calf muscles in no time.

3.    These tips, couple with a great pair of heels and a well tailored skirt will make any pair of legs look phenomenal!

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