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How to remove sun damage naturally

Sun Damage

Let’s face it, the summer sun can take a toll on our skin. Whether you’re concerned about visible capillaries, surface dryness or uneven pigmentation, there is something you can do to give your skin a second chance.

The key is to use a reparative formulation that addresses all major concerns. Fortunately, our 3 little wonders kit covers all of these issues at once. Truth serum tackles capillary irritation with rose hips extract, sheer transformation hydrates dry skin and lightens with actiwhite and invigorating night gel evens out skin tone with alpha hydroxy acids. For extreme pigmentation damage, alternate between invigorating night gel and enlighten me pigment lightening serum at night and apply sheer transformation on top.

You may also benefit from taking supplements of omega 3, 6 and 9 like Udo’s Choice, to strengthen your skin’s immune mantle and improve texture overtime.


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