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How can I treat and prevent sunburn?

With summer in full swing, we tend to worship the sun a little more than we did in the winter. I decided to ask our resident skin care expert, Ole, about sunburn prevention and sunburn treatment *oops!*

Jenn: How can I prevent getting sunburned during the summer months?

Ole: The good news is that even delicate and fair skin types can avoid getting sunburned when the right protective measurements are taken. One big mistake that many people make is to apply sun protection after they are already out in the sun on a beach, and many people don’t apply enough sun protection. The rule of thumb, when applying sun protection products should always be: more is better. This is especially true if you plan to be out in the sun a full day.

Ideally, sunscreen products should be applied a half an hour before venturing out in the sun, so that the active screening agents in the formulation can bind with and interact with the surface layers of the skin. I recommend a light weight formulation like the new protect the truth SPF 50+ with broad spectrum UV protection, heat and light activated marine enzymes, fruit cell extracts and powerful antioxidants.

Tip: I like to bring a small hand held mirror to the beach, to make sure I apply (re-apply) an even layer of sunscreen lotion on my face/neck because it isn’t easy to navigate across the body without the help of a mirror.

Jenn: What can I do to treat myself if I happen to get a sunburn?

Ole: Sunburn signals an inflammation in the skin, so the most important thing to remember is to be gentle with your skin. If you over treat your skin, you will only make matters worse. The key to treating the most common sunburns, (on the nose, cheeks, shoulders and legs) is to apply something cooling and anti-inflammatory like a chamomile tea compress or pure aloe vera gel – and be sure to avoid friction on the skin at any cost.

Tip: Apply plain yogurt on the afflicted areas and leave in place as a mask treatment for 30 minutes. The lactic acid impacts the skin with calming and soothing benefits. Follow with a cold shower to rinse the yogurt off the face and body without applying any pressure, causing friction (that includes eliminating the use of a wash cloth, etc.). While the skin is still damp, apply a generous layer of aloe vera gel. Aloe vera contains an abundance of natural wound healing hormones, antibiotics, and minerals. Keep it in the fridge and apply it to your skin 3 – 4 times a day until the inflammation has gone away.

For more sun care tips from Ole, visit our tips and tricks “sun protection” section on the website. Wishing all of you a safe and sunburn-free summer!

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