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get your fabulous on – blue/black berry enzyme mask

Have you ever looked at a celebrity like Eva Mendes and asked yourself how she gets her skin to be so absolutely perfect? Well, look no further for the answer! Eva swears by OLEHENRIKSEN products like our blue/black berry enzyme mask to slough off any lingering dry patches in the January 2010 issue of ASOS magazine.

“Exfoliating is one of the best investments you can make for your skin’s future,” says Ole. There are so many benefits! Exfoliating helps oxygenate the skin, helps with blood circulation, skin cell turn-over and contributing to that stunning natural glow!

After using the product last night, I couldn’t wait to spotlight the mask today! Not only did it completely eradicate any dry skin on my face, but it really calmed any irritation issues I was having! I stepped into the office thanking my lucky stars and asking myself why I didn’t use the product earlier! Now I can go out tonight feeling confident that my skin is looking the best it has looked in the longest time! What a treat!

The blue/black berry enzyme mask contains papaya enzyme, which gets rid of those dead skin cells, hyaluronic acid which powerfully binds moisture to the skin, and lavender extract which acts as an anti-inflammatory! Let’s not forget the showcase ingredient—blue/blackberry extract! This ingredient helps with oxygenating, smoothing and refining the skin’s texture.

You’ll want to apply a generous layer of the mask on freshly cleansed skin, leave it on for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water and have an “ah-ha moment!”

Have you tried our blue/blackberry enzyme mask before? Well, now you can! Our gift to you this month is a free 1oz blue/black berry enzyme mask with the purchase of any two products on our website! Enter the code: HYDRATE at check out. Now, go get your fabulous on!

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  1. Skinlastin says:

    I looked some post ,but I am not really appreciated from there,then I saw your post information and I saw this is actually what I want,So I will bookmark it.Thanks for sharing.This is really superb ,fantastic and valuable for everyone.

  2. parker1 says:

    I think Ole Henriksen’s blue/black berry enzyme mask is good for skin. It removes dead cells and moistureises our skin.

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