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Get healthy skin in your sleep

Healthy skin doesn’t have to be hard work. You can actually repair your skin with clever advice from the skin care guru himself, Ole Henriksen. While protecting your skin during the day is important, you can give your skin a boost by adding the following tips to your nightly routine.

•    Use a separate night crème from your day crème. While many crèmes can be used for day and night, it’s a good idea to find a regular night crème that will repair your skin while you’re getting your beauty rest. Ole’s express the truth crème, nurture me, sheer transformation and pure perfection face crèmes are especially designed to hydrate and firm your skin overnight.

•    Use an adequate amount of moisturizer. Use a generous amount of moisturizer while you sleep to provide your skin with a healthy, vibrant glow. After you’ve applied your moisturizer, slip your hand across the skin. It should feel dewy to the touch if you’ve applied enough. When you wake up, your skin will be soft and smooth for the day!

•    Fall asleep naturally. Avoid under eye darkness and tired looking eyes with a good nights sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, taking medication to aid sleep is not the answer. Instead, Ole recommends choosing the natural way with a soothing cup of caffeine free tea like African red tea or chamomile with some honey to help you drift off to sleep.

•   Get regular exercise everyday. If you are active during the day, your body will be prepared for a good night’s sleep. Not only will your muscles be tired, but keeping the body fit and taking in plenty of fresh oxygen will help your circulation and keep your energy levels balanced.

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19 Responses to “Get healthy skin in your sleep”

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  2. Fantastic posting! it’s a good idea to find a regular night cream that will repair your skin while you’re getting your beauty rest.

  3. It feel’s like comfortable, to stay young and feel healthy your. Simmons Beds are very relaxing mattress I’ve ever seen.

  4. dermaxin says:

    i really liked your you very briefly but strongly given the tips.. i rarely get sound sleep.. and my eyes get tired easily..please tell how to keep my eyes relaxed for more time.. thanks please reply…

  5. Informative tips ! Now I know what to do before I go to sleep laying in my nice mattress and have a beautiful skin

  6. This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. this is very nice one and gives indepth information. thanks for this nice article

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  8. Really appreciate this post. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it!

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    Great blog post. It’s useful information.

  10. This is great. I have been watching my older sister (now 56) do some of these things for years and guess what… Beautiful skin. The importance of good sleep seems to be growing every day. Exercise too. My sister is one of the most balanced and healthy women over 50 that I know. Great tips!

  11. In addition to cremes and the outline mentioned above (eating right, falling asleep naturally), I find that diet has a profound effect on my skin. If I eat alot of greasy food (mcdonalds, baja fresh, etc.), by skin definitely feels and looks different. By different I mean oiler and just older. Eating more whole grains and whole foods makes my skin really have a glow!

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  14. Golden Rule says:

    The worst thing we can do to our skin is to go to bed with our makeup on. I’ve heard each night ages a woman seven days. Is that true? I need to be better at sticking to a nighttime regimen, but falling asleep before washing my face shouldn’t be too bad if I only do it once every month or two, right?

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