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Exfoliate My Lips?! How to ‘Perfect your Pout’

Everyone loves soft lips, but cold, winter weather can really do a number to that pretty pout of yours! I am a lip balm addict myself. However, lip balm isn’t the only step to having the most kissable lips! Have you ever tried exfoliating your lips?

Now, I know what you might be thinking – Exfoliate my what?! Yes, that’s right! Your lips! We’ve all exfoliated the skin on our face or body before, but our lips deserve some exfoliating loving too.

I’d like to invite you all to try out our african red tea exfoliating lip salvation. Not only is this lip treatment my wintertime saving grace, but it also does wonders to prime my pout for a moisturizing lip balm. It’s unique in that it has a physical exfoliating property. This means that the grainy texture in this lightly-tinted salve is there to remove any dead skin on the surface of your lips.

The best part about this treatment is that it’s free of synthetic dye, fragrances, parabens and petroleum. Many lip balms or lip treatments contain petroleum products as the main moisturizing ingredient, but did you know that your skin and lips do not absorb petroleum chemical products? It’s just a quick fix that can actually make your lips even more chapped in the long run!

You’ll quickly see why this product is on my personal must-have list when it comes to perfecting my kissable pout! For added benefits, try fresh lips lip balm with a spf 15. What part about this product works best for you? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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7 Responses to “Exfoliate My Lips?! How to ‘Perfect your Pout’”

  1. parker1 says:

    It’s great information. First time I came to know about Henriksen’s African red tea exfoliating lip salvation. Will it really moisturize my lips?

  2. WOW! thank you for this blog. I’ve had a major addiction to lip balm ever since I was a preteen and this lip exfoliator sounds decadent! i can’t wait to try it out!!!

  3. Our lips are the beauty of our face like other features i.e. eyes, nose, etc. So proper care must be taken care of them. Only a plain lip balm never works. It should be comprising of some spf content too to prevent them from sun tanning and must exfoliate them properly. African red tea exfoliating lip salvation comprises of all these qualities. These flavored lip balms are not only moisturizing, but they smell great and give a nice finish to your lips by removing dead cells and giving a fresh look…!

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  5. sts says:

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  7. Derek fit says:

    Brilliant and a good grasp of the topic – now i can pout ;-)

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