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Cucumber Sushi Roll – for tired eyes

Ever wonder how to get rid of those awful bags under your eyes? Ole has the perfect at-home recipe for reducing puffiness, tightening and calming your tired eyes. Just follow the directions below to feel instantly refreshed!

What You’ll Need:

  • ½ Large Cucumber (de -puffing, calming, and relaxing)
  • 9” X 7” Cheese Cloth or Gauze
  • 1 Cheese Grater

How to:

Grate half a cucumber into a fine consistency. Cut a piece of gauze, 9” x 7”. Place the grated cucumbers in the center of the gauze and fold into a “sushi roll”. Place on eyes, press firmly into the contours of the eye region, allowing the vitamins and enzymes to release to de-puff, firm and lift the delicate tissue around the eyes. Rest for 10 minutes.

Puffy eyes and bags have three general causes:

  1. Diet high in salty foods
  2. Excessive alcohol intake (including wine)
  3. An allergic reaction to make-up or eye crème

At Ole’s spa in Hollywood every Complexion Treatment includes the grated cucumber eye treatment, and celebrities like Charlize Theron, Rene Zellweger, Katy Perry and Ellen DeGeneres swear by this de-puffing eye treatment.

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