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Create an at-home spa experience

If you haven’t been able to fit regular spa trips into your schedule, take Ole’s advice and create your own sweet retreat without leaving home. Treat yourself to one or two nights of bliss with the following tips.

Mind/soul Before you begin your at home spa treatment, be sure to let everyone in your household know that you have set some private time aside for yourself and would not like to be disturbed. Lock the door and if you have a dimmer switch use it, otherwise light your favorite aromatic candle.  Put some beautiful flowers and lay out all the products you will need for your treatments to create a stress free environment. The key is to clear your mind and completely relax into your surroundings. Begin with a soothing skin inhalation therapy treatment to purify your mind and begin to awaken your pores.

Face Instead of the traditional undereye puffiness treatment of sliced cucumbers over the eyes, get more lasting results with Ole’s special treatment. Grate a cucumber and roll the pieces into gauze to create a sushi roll, Next, lay the roll across the eyelids. Grating the cucumbers helps release their anti-inflammatory benefits and the gauze allows them to seep evenly onto the delicate skin around the eyes. When we lay cucumber slices on the eyelids, they tend to get pushed away by our eyelashes or they end up sitting on top of our brow bones rather than the lid and undereye. Bonus: Place damp tea bags over your eyes to reduce puffiness. Ole recommends chamomile or African red tea for the best results.

Body Before you step into the shower, make sure that the water is medium warm so that you don’t over dry your skin. Begin by using an exfoliating body scrub like our african red tea exotic body scrub, rub n’ buff salt scrub or loofah body scrub. Get down on one knee to scrub each foot one at a time. Rub your palms in symmetry and work your way up each leg. Continue gently exfoliating the rest of your body and rinse. When you are done, apply a soothing body lotion like our body sleek. Men with oily skin should exfoliate each time they shower to prevent blackheads from forming on their backs, while women should exfoliate two to three times a week.

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