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Celeb Skin Spotlight: Katy Perry

I’m so pleased to announce that the talented Katy Perry, a client at my Hollywood spa, will be the host of the MTV Europe Music Awards for the second year in a row on Thursday, November 5. In honor of her success, I’m going to share with you how you can get skin as luminous as Katy’s!

Like most busy women, Katy likes simple routines. She also knows that less is more when it comes to treating her skin. Keep your skin clean and clear like Katy’s with my african red tea foaming cleanser. For your eyes, use my fresh start eye crème for a youthful appearance. For those famous kissable lips, Katy slathers on our african red tea exfoliating lip salvation. “All I have to do is use Ole’s african red tea exfoliating lip salvation and I have a fresh pair of lips ready for kissing,” says Katy. To keep your skin looking soft and smooth like Katy’s, massage our black currant complexion oil onto your upper body.

Most importantly, a pre-awards show routine would not be complete without my micro/mini peel system, which smoothes out skin and lets your true beauty shine through. Katy is truly beautiful inside and out and is devoted to taking care of her skin. With or without makeup, she is able to look fresh and glowing on and off the stage.

Tune in to watch Katy at 9 pm and post your comments and questions about her skin in the comment section below! To watch the EMA’s online, visit

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