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How to show gratitude each and every day

Thanksgiving is much more than turkey and stuffing, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the good things in life and show gratitude toward the people we love. When life begins to get hectic just before the holidays, it’s not always … Continue reading

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Get healthy skin in your sleep

Healthy skin doesn’t have to be hard work. You can actually repair your skin with clever advice from the skin care guru himself, Ole Henriksen. While protecting your skin during the day is important, you can give your skin a … Continue reading

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Fight work day stress with these simple tips

If you spend most of your day staring at a computer screen, you no doubt have suffered from an achy back, tension headaches, wrist pain or sluggishness. Banish stress and exhaustion with this simple trick from Ole. “To fight stress … Continue reading

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How To Treat Your Feet — The Natural Way

We rely on our feet to carry us through the day, but are you pampering them the way you should? “Let’s face it, our feet do a lot of multi-tasking every day,” says Ole. “Your feet should be pampered as … Continue reading

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Create an at-home spa experience

If you haven’t been able to fit regular spa trips into your schedule, take Ole’s advice and create your own sweet retreat without leaving home. Treat yourself to one or two nights of bliss with the following tips. Mind/soul Before … Continue reading

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